Motard trip around Nan

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  1. Some videos of a motard tour around the awesome roads of Nan.

    This is the same video without the copyright material so Windows users can view

  2. Your link seems to be blocked
  3. Hmm..not sure why that is, seems to work on my computer. It had the block mobile devices checked if thats what you were trying to access it with. Its now been unblocked for mobile devices.
  4. shurely, some mistake...

    maybe you can just upload the video again?

    Attached files 268690=3555-Screen%20shot%202011-06-05%20at%2022.37.34%20.
  5. It's because I must have included copyright music with it. Now the strange thing is if you use any apple product ie a macbook pro or iPhone etc it will play the video fine, with the music!!!! Don't ask coz I don't know. A friend tried to play it on his PC today and he got the same as you. I'll delete and upload again without the music tomorrow.
  6. Works just fine here in Aus on my PC ( Linux OS, Firefox browser)
  7. Worked fine for me on my Mac here in Oz as well.

    Great video, makes me homesick for there.
  8. Thanks for the video Johnny and great to spend some time on the motards together. Some great roads and corners to enjoy. Loved the corner where Rossi hits the brakes hard and we peel off for the viewpoint turnoff on the 120 near Phayao, we all look so coordinated, haha.
  9. great vid, loved it. Thanks.
    I'll be off down there next month............... a bit slower than you tho, on my old trumpet
  10. Nice one alright & don't you just love those endless winding twisting roads in Nan & wen route to / from Nan.

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