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  1. Pleases be gentle with me. Am I missing something here ?

    Last xmas I started using googlemaps on my iPhone via a bluetooth headset. I entered a single waypoint and used the turn-by-turn navigation. It was a little time consuming but worked fine, the missus thought it was witchcraft.

    I then thought of ways how I could record tracks to export to google maps web based and then take screenshots for the forum. I installed, Trail tracker, works great - just a simple 'stop' & 'start' and an easy export to KML.

    Next I trawled through some tourist sites and marked all the beaches, waterfalls, temples, etc in the neighbouring provinces on my computer / google maps and stumbled upon MotionX-GPS.

    Wow!! I converted the KML to GMX, i could see the waypoints and the scenic route i found through the national park .. BUT then I found its not a turn-by-turn application, or am i wrong ?

    Is there a way of opening 'Drive' with this data, or importing into 'Drive' ? ..

    The other option is to mount the phone on a RAM mount and use the visual track, but I would feel safer keeping the phone in my pocket.

    ETS: I found a FB post from MotionX - Apparently, Drive & GPS are not connected / interchangeable, as you may enter incorrect data and end up riding down a one way street. So which turn by turn will accept custom tracks created in google maps ?
  2. Not really going to help you..

    I use to use Motion X when I had an iPhone.. Loved it at the time.
    Then moved to Android.. At the time Motion X only worked on iPhone.

    So ended up looking around and using OSM AND.. Open Street Maps on my phone.
    There is a freebie and paid for version.. Only difference is the number of free map updates you get.
    The money goes to supporting OSM

    May want to look at OSM AND if you want to contribute your travels to the wider community :)

  3. Hmmm .. I looked for OSMAND before I started with MotionX and I came up with OSMAND DVR, which is like a driving camera with navigation.

    I got the wife to DL it for her Android, and it doesnt look the same app.

    I had a rethink about the workflow.

    I need google maps on the computer to find those tiny roads that cut across country, thats impossible on a phone screen. So the KMZ export is vital.

    I know the general highways in the neighbouring provinces. i need the GPS ( MotionX) to log where I have been and to inform me of a route when heading off the main road. I found just using the voice navigation from the phone a little limiting, there were times when I didnt hear the voice and were left wondering, also - the system isn't designed for pronouncing Thai place names.

    I need a turn-by-turn to get me to a known landmark, such as a hotel or a ring road of a town in the fastest possible way. The waypoints can be set easily when I'm en-route, in which case I can use Google maps with the headset.

    I think the way to go is to order a RAM mount and mount the phone on the bike when I'm out of the city.

    I find it hard to fathom why google don't build features like motionX into maps, surely selling our movement habits would be profitable ( which they probably do already ), and all they would need to do was some kind of sync method to place the data from the web app to the mobile app ( which are already stored on google drive )

    I'm still really impressed with motionX, despite its ugly GUI. The offline maps will be great driving into Malaysia, so i really want to stick with it and find how to get the most from it.

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