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  1. Hi all some pictures I took from the Expo Ducati stand.
    Very helpful staff along with the Manager Udonthani branch.
    Can service any branch and no problem .
    Best girl shot of the show also ;)
    Discounts available at the show maybe carried on afterwards.
    Don't know about the Diavel being Fugly compared to the Mantis like Verses, the Diavel looks a different class of which it is IMHO

    Attached files 284980=13670-image. 284980=13671-image. 284980=13664-image. 284980=13672-image. 284980=13665-image. 284980=13666-image. 284980=13667-image. 284980=13668-image. 284980=13669-image.
  2. The best of the bunch;)

    Attached files 284981=13673-image.
  3. Nice pix. Thanks.
  4. The Diavel is a polarizing design - love it or hate it. I love it. The Panigale is a love it design - if you don't love this bike then you're beyond help. The Versys is at the opposite spectrum, a snout that only a mother could love. I mean I love the bike, it's a blast, but the front is an offense to aesthetics.

    Linds, if you swing by again tell that lady on the Panigale to wait there, I'll come on Thursday 555

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