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    Well the Le Mans GP has just showed us a truly new rising star with Marqez,and even Cal on the podium,happy days and competative racing.
    But what has got be a interested is an interview with the Dorna boss ;

    "The venue of the Asian round was less obvious, though the prime candidates are Thailand, where a circuit is expected to be ready next year, and India, where the Buddh International Circuit near New Delhi is hosting a WSB race later this year".

    Three cheers at Buriram for the Moto-GP 2015.
    We shall see and live in hope as up here its no secret that Newin is looking at bringing top class racing to our hood.
    Time to get down to the Wat & start making alms and giving merit;)

    I wonder could this really happen, camp fires ,burning bikes,somtam/lao cow/lao dong/lao satoh,and stalls with all fresh barbequed bugs and skewers of sausages and chicken.

    Bring it on ;;))

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