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  1. Laos is a fav riding area for me.
    Been there 4 or five times on moto.
    Ridden most of the provinces.
    Entered Pakse twice and Vientiane.
    Tried at Nan once but they wouldn't let me enter.
    I did return to Thailand from that x-ing tho.
    Will head north on the dual-sport again late December as i like Vientiane for Happy-New-Year.
    Very cosmo city.
    [tried adding pics but my files are too big, sorry]

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  2. Well i guess the file did load.
    Inn-keepers would not rent room to me
    unless i ate with them.
    Food/anti-clockwise from bottom:
    Rolled up raw greens
    cooked greens,
    mushrooms and greens
    hot peppers and greens
    [sticky rice]
    some green meat, indeterminate species, but not pork, beef nor chicken.
    Made me regurgitate into my mouth a little.
    Laos like green(s).

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