Motobatt Battery Needed In Pattaya

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  1. hello people ,, Im back after a long time away due to many reasons , health, money , lack of work , more bad health and Thailand fatigue etc etc im only here for 8 weeks ,, first priority after seeing my family is to get my Ducati running but the Yuasa gel battery is dud even after tending with an optimate ,

    ho hum so need a new battery , can get another yuasa but would also like option of motobatt is there a supplier in pattaya area ?????or BKK

    cheers jerry
  2. I think X Speed 3rd road has a range of gel batteries.
  3. Give Dirtworx Pattaya a try.
  4. solved Extreme pattaya had one in stock only 2530 baht back on the road soon
  5. but also seems my Generator is failed i have a new spare RR in stock but the last RR was only fitted 2 years ago so Im going to have to check the stator ,,just in case its failed i went into ducati shop in pattaya today as usual they have no stock of spares ???????? they said 4 weeks delivery ,i asked a few store in BKK they do have stators but price is crazy 18,000 baht , i can get one sent from UK by wemoto in less than 1 week at half fthe local cost and hassle ... 5100 baht including postage ,,

    ho hum checking charging tommorow

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