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  1. Thought you guys might have interest in some pix from Laguna today.
    We rode over this morning (July 4th) to check out the qualifying runs and then hit the Cannery Row street party afterwards in Monterey. The weather conditions were perfect at about 22C and the traffic situation was much improved from my last visit here in 2005. They now have separate entrance for bikes vs. autos and that makes all the difference. Plus I now live only 45 minutes from the track for added convenience.

    Perfect conditions (Turn 2)


    Yamaha went all out and had the biggest display area followed closely by Ducati on their "island". It was nice because they brought in real grass turf and wood mulch/bark to keep the dust down and made it a bit of a park setting.


    Had some stunt guys doing their thing. We got there too late to see the motocross stunt team :(


    Yamaha had this weird 4 wheel hybrid thing called the Tesseract




    I got to sit on the Dr's M1 for a photo op


    Even Marilyn had to give it a go.


    The hometown boys fan club. It is July 4th after all.


    The famous downhill "corkscrew"


    And here they come


    Rossi knee on the stripes


    Stoner on the gas


    Colin taking the inside groove behind Elias


    Rossi looking good here behind Edwards


    Hayden and Capirossi


    Then we made the 20 minute ride over to Cannery Row and the whole street was shutdown and filled with bikes. Good times and we'll be back tomorrow after the race. More pix then.


    Some ladies sitting on their bikes enjoying the scene


    Predictions for tomorrow? As you know by now, Lorenzo and Stoner both highsided and Lorenzo is hurt. If Rossi has a bad day, then Stoner should have it wrapped up this time.

    Wildcard? I think the old man Edwards may have a shot. He seemed very smooth today and looked better than his 7th position would suggest. We'll see.
  2. Feejer

    Nice stuff and so clear pictures, thanx for sharing.

    looking forwad the race,,but have to watch highlights as it comes so early in the morning here.
  3. Thanks Marco,

    It was enjoyable this time. Not so many people as I think many were away for the holiday (good). I hope they do it this way every year. Weather again was perfect although a bit warmer on race day.

    Aussie (6 time Superbike Champion) Matt Mladin and the Suzuki Factory team on grunt poster signing duty.


    Ben Bostrom and the Yamaha team doing the same.


    Marilyn asking me to buy her a V-Max. Ha. Ha, very funny.


    Had the new BMW there


    Should have been able to conceal that big catalyst a bit better. Doesn't look too good and will look worse once oxidized. Oh well, I guess thats what aftermarket pipes and ceramic coating is for.


    Corona girls showing it off


    Started off with 4 F-16 flyover


    Then they are just rolling off the grid


    And here they come full throttle (and 130 decibels) around turn 1


    Rossi and Stoner taking the same line around turn 2


    Rossi and stoner again with Lorenzo just behind


    Your winner Pedrosa on approach to turn 2


    And in full tilt



    He was flawless all day and Rossi just couldn't make a move. Tried on the last turn to make it a dragrace to the finish but no. Great race.

    And then back to the trusty (and dusty) steed for the ride home.

  4. Feejer

    Nice on and it's so amazing how they can keep thos bikes upright when tilting that much,,,

    btw,, my beemer,still open, take so long time to get parts from germany,,maybe next time i order via you,, would get them with in 7days..LOL
  5. Yeah, very nice photos and report. Some of your shots really give you an appreciation of the lean angle of these bikes. Amazing! :shock:

    Oh, and remind me not to use your predictions for placing my bets. :lol:
  6. Great pics Feejer and it looks like there is great access for photos there or else you scored yourself some kind of press pass. 8)

    Saw the reply last night and although the TV commentator reckoned Pedrosa was easing off, I reckon The Doctor may well have had him given another lap!

    Certainly shaping up to being a close run season - bring it on!!!


  7. Marco,

    If you need parts for your LT, call or email the Wild Hair.

    His main thing is accessories, but he has good contacts in Germany and can get parts and pretty quick too. I bought alot of German-made carbon fiber parts for my FJR and very good quality.
  8. Yep, those guys use 110% of the tires don't they? IMO, Stoner was hobbled by the tune of this bike. It was like they had tuned it for much warmer conditions and he was way lean.

    Hard to believe that could be the case since they have telemetry but it did not sound right at all compared to the leaders. Missing and raspy like it was starving for fuel.
  9. Nope, no press pass. That's the nice thing about Laguna, its a mountainous circuit so lots of good viewpoints. If you have a decent lens, you can get right in there.
  10. feejer
    Thanks for the photos & positive contribution.
    Keep up the good work.
  11. Nice report. Shame we don't get many Thai girls riding big bikes. The only one I've seen is Anisa on her Ducati 696.

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