MotoGP Sunday May 20 last one at Downunder

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  1. tropicaljohno

    tropicaljohno Ol'Timer

    As MotoGP, Sunday May 20, Le Mans, will be the last one at the Downunder restuarant, why don't we all make an effort to watch it there, as a thank you to Gus.

    Dont forget as DavidFL already posted, half price for drinks and meals for GT Rider members.

    Perhaps we could have a bit of an informal foto shoot and post it on the board, so overseas members can see how ugly/pretty we all look.

    televised starts at 4pm to 8pm, so going on previous broadcasts, On The Grid (MotoGP chit chat), should be at 6.30pm with the race at 7pm

    Make a note in your calanders.......
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  3. tropicaljohno

    tropicaljohno Ol'Timer

    Should be a good race

    First ever pole puts Edwards in Le Mans driving seat
    Report - Colin Edwards took his first ever MotoGP pole position as the fastest rider in history at Le Mans, something long overdue for the popular Texan.
  4. Pikey


    Edwards lately reminds me of Troy Corser of a few years back - gets good grid positions and decent starts but then seems to go off the boil by mid race. No idea why. My money would be on Stoner again given the speed of the Duke and the nature of the circuit(faaast!)

    Will be at the D.U for about 6 tonight and will bring my camera. BTW, there is also the races at the go-kart track this arvo.


  5. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Have a good one you guys. I'll be watching at the Australia Club in Vte with Craypot & JimOi.
    Make sure you make merry for Gus & the DU MotoGP, & yeah good idea to get some snaps for the board.

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