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  1. Hi there,
    Me and 3 of my friends will be in Bangkok at 2nd week of November for two weeks.So far no rental company replied our mails yet.We are looking for some klx250's or similar type enduros for rent.Do you guys can recommend a shop to rent in Bangkok? Our plane will land in Bangkok so we want to rent the bikes from there.. Thanks in advance..
  2. Hi Mudfrog,

    Unfortunetly you are not spoilt for choice in Bangkok for bike rentals.

    Here is a company - more like ran out of his house.. have not met the guy but two friends have rented from Franck and said he is very nice.
    Family run concern.. Though you have to go all the way out to Ramkhamheang.. Which is a long taxi ride at the wrong time of day.

    Also every time we have rented the KLX from him.. It is a DTrack with the dirt tyres.. You may want to get confirmation on the number of KLX bikes he has. Suspect it is one.. He has ER6N too amongst others.

    Suggest you look through the forum or post a question about reputable bike hire in pattaya.. You will have more variety and unfortunetly more rip offs.. Don't just pick any old place.. I would only hire with a good recommendation from this forum in Pattaya..

    The Airport is 1/3 of the way to Pattaya.. so go there by bus or Taxi.. get your bike and over night it there for a day or two then head to where ever you want to go on the bikes and drop them back there with a taxi to the airport from Pattaya.

    I have a KLX and to do any off roading we head from Bangkok to Chonburi / Pattaya direction for day trips.

  3. Hi there Brian,
    We have mailed them several times ( but unfortunally there is no response from them.

    Btw are there local flights from Bangkok to Chang Mei ?
  4. I live off Ramkhamheang. It takes 20-30 mins to get from Asoke BTS. Which is 20-30 mins you won't spend driving a bike in the downtown on your way out of BKK.
  5. If you know where you are going it is OK.. My friend didn't and it took him nearly an hour to get there from his hotel in Asok to pick up the bike
    Really depends on the time of day and traffic.. As far as I am aware, that is the only place in BKK renting bikes.
  6. Not sure I get what you mean... BKK to CNX is 1:10 on the plane plus 45 mins before at the airport, plus 40mins to and 20 mins from the airport, so probably about 4 hours total each way.... 1,590 THB including taxes each way... and the better riding roads and choice of rental shop...

    Unless you are looking at riding in the South, Chiang Mai is your answer...

  7. As others have already suggested, rent out of Chiang Mai. Book an Air Asia ticket up there straight from BKK airport.

    Riding out of Bangkok isn't a whole lot of fun, even if you know the roads well.

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