Motorbike repair manuals and parts lists

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  1. As these manuals can be bought or downloaded over the web but not easily aquired in Thailand here's a list of what I have, you can do a paper copy on your own, I don't want any money, aaaaaannnnnd I don't deliver it to nowhere:
    Yamaha FJR1300A // repair
    Yamaha XTZ750 SuperTenere // repair and parts
    Yamaha SRX 600/400 // repair and parts
    Yamaha XJ650/750 // repair
    Honda NT650/400 Bros //parts
    Honda NX250 Dominator (AX1) // repair
    Suzuki DR650RE // repair and parts
    Rgds, FR
  2. Hi Franz, Hi Friends,

    If i remember well, there is a Danish based website where you can download freely all kinds of user and technical manual, I have to look in my archives and find it for you if you don't know it already.

    This site is very rich in manuals for diffrent brands I found the BMW and Ducati's ones.

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