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  1. Anybody recommend me a decent shipping company to airfreight my bike from Bangkok???? Thanks....
  2. Hi Muzz,

    I contacted a guy at asiatrading - name is Nisarat Nitivitee. He emailed me back immediately with a quote for my GS to the Philippines as shown below:

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for your email. My name is Ms.Nisarat and we work with our partner Asia Trading Post Co Ltd on the shipping of
    both air and sea freight shipments from Thailand. We specialize in LCL, FCL packing and transport services.

    We are happy to quote you on your requirements (per 1 cubic metre) as following : -

    Sea freight

    POD : Cebu , Philippines
    Rate : $75/CBM
    Sailing : PAT Sun Weekly

    Local charge and customs clearance

    B/L THB 500.00/Set
    Surrender (If Any) THB 500.00/Set
    Courier Fee by DHL (If Any) THB 600.00/Shipment
    Handling Charge THB 1,500.00/Shipment
    Customs Formality THB 1,500.00/Shipment
    Shipping Charge THB 2,000.00/Shipment
    Customs Surcharge THB 270.00/Personal 200.00/Company
    Packing & Fumigated THB 2,500.00/CBM (Packing with wooden crate)
    Transport charge THB 1,500.00/Trip (Pick up goods BKK Area - Packing deport Sukhumvit 62 - Bangkok port)
    Gate Entry THB 180.00/Pick Up

    We look forward to working with you. Please feel free to ask me any questions.

    Cant vouch for their service but first impressions were good.
    Cheers - Barry

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