Motorbike Shops in Isarn


Oct 26, 2006
A useful info in this forum may be a list of reliable repair shops in Isarn. I begin with Khon Kaen:

The only shop I know in Khon Kaen that is any good is 'Sabanan Motors':

Sub A Nan Motor
237/7-8 Tanon Rob Muang
Tambon Nai Muang
A Muang Khon Kaen
043 320992
09 7105850 (directions see at the end of this message)

He sells and repairs big bikes. His heart beats for fast bikes and off road cars, but he has fixed a Harley for sombody I know and my Yamaha Royal Star (1300cc, V4) as well. He is not cheap, but he is The One who knows about bikes here in Khon Kaen.

It is a one man shop, but at least 15 years in the trade now.

He prefers to replace broken parts with new parts rather then trying to fix them or to try something with a used part from a similar bike. He knows where to get new parts.

You should check his shop if you intend to buy a big bike: he has connections to importers of second hand bikes. Again, he may not be the cheapest, but you will get a bike that it worth its money with the kind of registration you agreed with him.

How to find Sabanan Motors:

His shop is near Wat Sri Nual.

When you are in the center of town (Trafic light at the roadcrossing of Sri Chan Road (running W-E) with Klang Muang Road (running N-S)), go South down Klang Muang Road.
Within a few meters you will pass the central post office and then the police station and after about 500m you will come to a trafic light where Rob Muang Road (city circel road) crosses Klang Muang Road.
Turn left and follow Rob Muang Road for an other about 500m: Rob Muang Road makes a big circle around the old part of KK, you will cross two smaller roads, circle around the wall of Sri Nual temple (the temple will be on your left) and two houses after this temple is 'Sabanan Motors' on your left.
He has two or three nice bikes parked outside of his shop as soon as he opens shop. He is not the early bird type - no use to go there before 09:00 AM.

Google Earth or GPS:
16° 25’ 30.30” N
102° 50´ 20.70” E

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Oct 14, 2005
Three palces in Udon, Gigos big bike shop, on ring road. A hole in the wall place no name that I know of but the guy is good, if can't find it for an older bike he will figure out a way, to get it operating again.

The only way I can explain it is, if you on ring road traveling toward Harry's bar, turn right at the first red light , you will cross a bridge, look to your right he is right next to the canal. Don;t look for bright shiiny lights it is a hole in the wall. His pricing policy changed to a dual pricing policy because he was getting a lot of farrang work, so I stopped using him, but he does know his stuff.

The third in on the Military highway across for the back side of the university again another hole the wall but a decent mechanic, who only work on Big Bikes, got to be patient with him he is busy. His pricing is reaonable

Thee in anothe in Nong Khia, but I couldn;t even begin to tell anyone how to get to that one, it's really jut a bit out of town adn not on a main street. I'm sure the guys in Nong Khia could direct you there if you have any problems.

I'm trying to locate one now for the Nung Bua Lampo arewa and will pass it on when and if I find it.


Oct 6, 2006
Update to "thedi's" post....

New address for Sub A Nan bike shop... another smaller shop in Khon Kaen...with a map to the shops:

For big bike repairs, Khon Kaen is excellent. A post on the GT board
suggests the "Sub A Nan Motor" bike shop, but it has moved a few door
from its' previous location to a very nice shop at 4-6 Robmuang Rd,
just behind the Sri Nuan Wat, in the SE section of city. A big shop loaded with big bikes. Unfortunately, they did not have the rear brake pads I needed, and I was referred to a small shop not far away on Potisan Rd. The latter shop, whose name is in Thai, was able to get the brake pads I needed and I was back on the road in less than a hour after arriving. Cost: 200-Bt

Look at the city map pix for locations of the two shops:
[hopefully these links will work...]


Note: the small shop, pictured below, is where the red moto is stopped

***Oops...wrong title...but pix below is a MAP to the shops: