motorcycle bridge only for loonies

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  1. ianyonok

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    [youtube:1c3dfakf] /youtube:1c3dfakf]

    The bridge over the Kok river NW of the Ruam Mitr elephant camp (1/2 way between Chiang Rai and Thaton), is now seriously unsafe.
    However, that wasn't going to stop ExDread (a Nitro Circus fan) on a rented XL250. The GTR map says it's a "motorcycle bridge", so you have to ride it......
    The wood is rotten, big gaps and the cross boards are loose. Following a big wobble at 01:12 where he kicked the boards loose, the comment at 01:16 says it all...........
    Fortunately for us, ExDread doesn't go anywhere without at least two cameras strapped to him or bike. :lolno: :lolno: :lolno:
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  3. David Learmonth

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    Well done! I have just decided that I will most certainly give that bridge a miss on anything! :lol:
  4. Johpa

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    The faces of the young meukanoh on the other side of the bridge showed that they were not particularly impressed.
  5. SilverhawkUSA

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    My thoughts exactly. I doubt they appreciated having their already needy bridge torn up more.
  6. ianyonok

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    We had no intention of damaging their bridge I assure you. The boards were loose long before we got there. The step-thru that went over before us, had a guy walk over and reposition them before his mate on the bike went over.
    The idea of this post was to let people on this forum see that this bridge is not safe, so please avoid it...... together with adding a little humour.....
    They are actually repairing the north side of the bridge, but, it looks like only replacing the cross boards and handrail. The main runners underneath look in very poor condition.
    By the way, the children at the end did not witness the crossing.
  7. BignTall

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    That bridge has been in that condition for over a year as that was the last time I was on it and there were the gaps and loose boards and looked the same. The gaps are not an issue but the loose boards certainly catch your attention :lol-sign: . The bridge even sways a bit as you ride across it. Entertaining.

    People have to decide what is an acceptable risk for themselves. Everybody has different comfort levels and for some this bridge would inddeed be too much risk for them, for others the risk is acceptable. To each their own. Sadly its the only bridge across the river for a ways so you have to decide whether this route is passable from a personal perspective.

    Not sure the children in the video were disapproving or not. We are foriegners riding in a homogeneous land and once out in the sticks a bit, farang are not all that common. Combine that with a segment of the population (non Thai ethnic minorities) that gets desciminated against and you can understand their cautionary stance.

    Ianyanok thanks for the update on the bridge.
  8. BignTall

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    Phil - Thats a fun track there :mrgreen: . When we had a tour along that track with Mark a few months ago we had a guy go right off that bridge and fall into the ravine below. A bit tricky when its slick.

    Did everyone make it across this time?

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