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  1. I plan on touring SE Asia next year and have been doing a bit of research on what kind of bike to get. I will be coming over two to three times a year for stays of up to two months at a time to tour. I would like to tour, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam as well as Thailand where I plan to base out of. I know many on this board have done many times over what I plan to do and if you could share your wisdom and insight with me I would greatly appreciate it.
    I have looked at many pictures posted here and from a few other sites and it seems that a combination of street/off road bike aka (dual sport) is what would be most suitable to tour these areas.
    I noticed that when buying a bike everyone wants to have plates and a green book is this for used bikes or is it necessary also for new bikes or do new bikes already comes with the two.
    Thanks any tips advice from your experience would really help me make the right decision.
    TIA, Ed
  2. Bush, I am looking at spending anywhere from 5K to 8K USD not looking for a Chopper I like the Suzuki DRZ400 or Hondas Baha 250 but I understand the Baha is a tall bike, I am 5'9 30 inch inseam not sure if I can put me feet on the groud.
  3. 30 inch [:0] mine is only 12 inches and it is always in the way [:D][:D][:D]

    As the XR became more and more like a motorcross bike it has become taller and taller...

    If it is your bike, you can get lowering links and such to get the ride height down... it is really only a problem when you try and put your foot down on uneven ground, (like a rut or something) and I am sure you would get used to it very quickly...

    The problem with the XR is that they are NOT made for long distances... they have a very narrow seat compared to a road orientated bike, (which you could get 'remanufactured') which means you get monkey arse after a couple of hours, and, they are very low geared, meaning that a scooter is probably more comfortable sitting on 100km/h... you can probably by a new sprockets to help with that as well...

    The DZ probably has exactly the same disadvantages...

    The bigger dual sport bikes are the pick for the road sections, but they are hard to find, and expensive... and of course a hell of a lot heavier to lift onto boats to cross rivers, ride through sand onto a ferry, put onto a train, walk across a villiage bridge...

  4. Thanks daewoo!
    Great insight.
  5. Thanks Bush, it looks like a nice bike.
  6. CBR 150 is a very good bike ,
  7. An NX 250 Honda is an ideal bike for a short rider, if you can find a good one. It's like an XR but watercooled and lower seat height. Getting old now so you need to look hard for a good one.
  8. If you’re a shorty, try a Honda 250 Degree, like TJ in Phuket has.
    Reliable, economical & a safe low seat height. ... frica,twin
    and ... frica,twin

    Buy one registered with a plate & ownership book from ST Motorcycle in Chiang Rai. ... frica,twin
  9. Just got home from Koh Samui, rode the Degree, 320kms and no problems, heaps of rain, monsoon type, I suppose I deserved that as a great ride going over, sunny skies no rain at all.

    Ed, I am 5'10" and can get both feet fully on the ground on my Degree, also seat a bit wider than the XR's which helps for when I want to take the GF.
  10. Thanks everyone!
  11. John, what the price of the degree?
  12. The Degree is 130,000 baht with book
  13. Lots of times I hear: "I can't get my feet on the ground" - of course, the first time you sit on a high enduro, you feel uncomfortable and insecure because you have to stand on your toes. I'm 5'10" and had to lean to one side at a red light to get one foot flat on the ground, but you get used to it. I loved my XR 650 L since I could look over cars in traffic and plan my next move with this urban hooligan bike. A friend on his GS 1100 had to look up to me! Don't let the first impression turn you off and make you miss out on a lot of riding fun!! The DR 650 is a bit lower and there's a lowering kit available; but just ride it and it won't take long and you wouldn't want your bike to be an inch lower than it is!
  14. In Chiang Rai 2 days ago & spoke to ST Motorcycle.
    As a rough guide he can do Honda XR250s with a plate for 170,000 baht. Year model from 2003 on.
    Honda 250 Degrees with plate are 135,000 baht.
    Price will vary 5-10 thou depending on the model year.
    ST apears well set up & organised. He has bikes in stock with plates.
    Worth checking out.
  15. I agree with Klaus re seat height. I am 5'8" with inner leg 30" and have covered large slabs of Australia on my XR 350, TT 350 and XR 600. Sure its nice to be able to put the trainer wheels out occasionally when everything goes pear shaped, but its excellent to have the suspension when your right fist gets pumped and the ground is lumpy. Keep in mind that the bike seat could be a bit lower if your loaded up for long haul.
    If you find a good sound bike just do it.

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