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  1. Does anyone know any place in Chiangmai (or northern Thailand) that sells good motorcycle clothing? Specifically, I'm looking for: helmet liners, leather riding gloves, and a leather or mesh riding jacket.
    From Daeng
  2. One of the best shops I’ve seen in Chiang Mai is
    Fast Corner
    1st Floor Panthip Plaza
    Chang Klang rd
    Chiang Mai
    Tel: 05328808809.
    Fax: 052 288090
    They are a branch of a Bangkok shop & have a website
    (Thai language only.)
    In Cnx they have Arai helmets, some Dainese gear, Sidi boots, and Yellow Corner (a Jap brand) clothing for sale.
    If you are a regular farang size you might find the Thai sizes a bit small.

    Another alternative is to try Peter Reid at in Bangkok. They also have a website in English, plus can get stuff in for you once you know exactly what you want.

    Keep the power on

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