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Jan 16, 2003
Chiang Khong
For general GPS info, the best site I know is
The best GPS units are Garmin. Their website is
Currently I am using a Garmin GPS Map 76S. But I suspect that something cheaper might be ok for you / most people.
The new Garmin V, also looks very good.

My GPS is fitted to the bike using a ram mount
But a lot of guys like to use expensive Touratech stuff

If you don’t have anything to work with, the GPS map database is ok, but personally I have found the ones for North Thailand & Laos, pretty rough a lot of the times. There are some good hard copy maps for the region out now & a GPS might not always be essential.

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Oct 10, 2003
Hong Kong
Great info David, thanks a lot,

Hubert gave me a copy of the new Mae-Hon-Song map last year[:D]. It is a great map[8D] and I would recommend it to everyone travelling to that area. However, I lost the map when the damed top box of the R1100GS fell off the bike[:(]! The highway vultures are very effective in Thailand [B)].... I am already asked Peera to buy me another copy for my up coming trip this Dec.[:)]

Now back to GPS, I have never used one [:I]or know how to use one. But my many touring in China prompt me to take a move toward this direction. Tibet is on my itinerary next year since I could not go this year due to SARS[V].

My plan to revisit North America in the next 3 years also supported my therory to go for a GPS.

I agree Garmin seems to be the top choice for bikers. However, I could not find the information from Garmin's website:
1. Is it water/dust proof and shock proof?
2. If not, any suggestion on how to make it biking proof[:eek:)]?

A friend of mine who tour from Germany to Hong Kong told me that the Garmin GPS 176 is good also. Any comment? My main concern is where can I get good Asian map software support for the GPS[:0]

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Jun 23, 2003
Are there any sources for Garmin compatible GPS data of Thailand? I've got a world basemap with some of the major roads and cities, but not the small stuff.
Feb 23, 2003
Hey Franki and Turkish:

I have a Garmin V which I have used here in Asia for the last couple of years. The company I bought it from in America , Cycoactive, performs some sort of shock proofing on them. They are already waterproof as I can attest to........ As David says the world map CD that Garmin can supply for an added cost is not that accurate in places. There is no special GPS data for Thailand. I have already tried. It may be available in the future.