Motorcycle Insurance by GT Rider???

Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by imd8ta, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. I'm buying a new bike (650) and was told GTR offered insurance but all I found are closed threads.
    Is insurance available here or should I go thru the Kaw. dealer that offeres FALCON Insurance???
  2. I have been trying to find an insurance company since Monday to get insurance for my ER6N. Wrote to Falcon Insurance twice - no reply since middle of December.

    I tried After you fill in the information and click Send nothing happens.

    I also wrote to Khun Mam from AA Insurance but no reply from her either.

    Any suggestions anyone? I don't like going out in Bangkok traffic without 1st class insurance to be honest.

  3. Yes it took me two weeks and 20 emails to sort mine out for the Vulcan with AA, tried again for my new Versys and again no reply, is AA Chang Mai still on holiday or do they have to much business that they need no more, always nice to see that one Thai Business does not outshine the rest, they would not last long in the real world.
  4. I was quoted about 13,900 for first class on a 2011 Versys. I was shown a quote for about 12,900 for a 2011 ER650DA both from Falcon and provided to me by the Kaw. dealer here in Udon. Maybe call Falcon in BKK at 026368118 or 026368119. They have a large directory of offices around Thailand and I wil go with them if I dont get a responce from here. Good luck to all

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