Motorcycle insurance?

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  1. I'm sure it has been asked half a dozen times but can anyone recommend a company that will also insure accessories such as hand guards.

    I emailed the one mentioned on here numerous times but I have had no reply at all.

    My renewal quote from my existing is 15-18k on a 2013 versys.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Surely it would be covered in your bike's insurance policy, if you have a damages policy?
  3. I thought so too baring in mind the guards would in theory save the insurance company money. But they said no.
  4. So we are just talking about the crash bars? I wouldn't worry about them. So what if they get s bit bent or scratched or cracked even. Just fix them up. It's costs peanuts to fix them up at a shop in Thailand.
  5. My first class insurance (arranged via BSI Broker) for fully equipped Versys specifically excluded all of the accessories. Unless you had some sort of special arrangement think it would be same in UK.

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