Motorcycle Ramp For Pickup Truck

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  1. Anyone know where I can get a ramp from, and delivered to Ubon.
    Aluminium, folding to suit Revo, or any basic Hilux/similar pickup.
    Capacity up to say 250Kg.

    A few clues, internet links will be fine.

    Probably this has been requested many times before ...:)
  2. I picked mine up at 320 SP.
    Same one they have at Dirt Shop.. But a little cheaper.

    Both will despatch across Thailand.

    Google the 320 SP and Dirt Shop.. They have pretty detailed websites.

  3. Thanks Brian, found both.

    Will translate websites and have a look in a day or so.


  4. A side note..
    If you are looking for riding buddies in Ubon let me know.
    I have an American friend that is based there when not working off shore.
    Sure he would love to get out and about on the trails as not that many Farang trail riders in that part of the woods.

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  6. Yes please.

    What contact coordinates do you need please ?
    Is he a member of this Forum ?
    I'll be looking for Thai / Farang riding buddies after I return to Ubon on 24 October.
    With new CRF 250L dual sport and preferred non DCT new AT to collect, I'm ready for Trail Daddy to stretch his legs a bit...:)

    I've always done a fair proportion of solo alpine mountaineering / adventure riding/trials /enduro level trails but it's also great fun with others - when I find them :)

    No doubt I will be heading up to Chiang Mai way by early next year.
    Not so far for a single day ' Mini Ironman ' journey or leisurely 2-day cruise, with a few days locally based riding before return to Ubon.

    My old on/off haunts in Phang Nga will only get a once a year ' Oceanside/jungle/steep mountains ' visit for a month or so return to my mainly Thai riding pals down there.

    Once I've become more familiar with Amnat Charoen/Laos/Cambodia from Ubon I'll need to join in with the bigger GTR epicentre from Chiang Mai I think :)

    Much appreciated Brian.
  7. Don't be in a rush to go north. You have some fantastic ridung in your own backyard with out the tourists..

    Chong mek following the Lao border to the Emerald triangle is great and you won't bump in to other tourists or riders.

    Jim and I did a few weekends exploring the area. All the tracks uploaded on open Street maps for your enjoyment and plenty. Tons more to find and update..

    GT Riders meet the Emerald Triangle

    Then you have southern Laos. So much to do.

    My suggestion. Stay put enjoy your back yard good and proper.

    Will msg you Jim's details.

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  8. Thanks again Brian

    Chong Mek & Sirindhorn are already one of my favourite areas.
    CM is cool with artisan coffee shops, tricked out 'bikes and good border crossing + very friendly inhabitants.
    And - yes- so quiet and peaceful region to travel thro'.

    BUT....I get withdrawal symptoms from years of steep, tricky hill climbs : on & off road :)
    The UK's playgrounds in North Wales, Peak District, Lake District along with Maroc's Atlas mountains and Trans Portugal, Spain, Andorra have left me with the addiction for steeper challenges in my mix of FUN factors.
    Not to mention Indian Himalaya @ 6,000m and Patagonia Andes :)

    The GT region probably has rather more than the flatlands of Amnat Charoen.
    And I've well saturated places like Phu Ta Jor mountain, and similar, in Phang Nga National Parks.
    Phu Ta Jor, to the top summit trail is a worthy ride about 23K's up the mountain and very steep last 6/7-K's. When wet it's a real

    So, I think I'll be back Chang Mai way ...BUT your point is well noted !
    My own back yard & S Laos have much to offer, so thanks for reminder.



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