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  1. Sergey

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    Dear friends, sorry for stupid question and bad english.
    In february my friends with me will go to Pattaya. It will be the first time.
    We are going to train at bira circuit and to make some trips around Thailand. Which bike rental office do you recommend? we are looking for enduro like africa twin or transalp or, may be, street bikes.
    Whether it is possible to cross Laos or Cambodia border on rented motorcycle?
    Many thanks for reply
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  3. E3L0

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    Hi Sergey,

    I have rented streetbikes a few times and it has been a minefield. The best bikes seem to be at the place on 13/4. I used them twice, one day at a time, at 1,000B a day and they took my passport as a deposit. I had a 600RR first time then a CB13.

    I thought I was building a working relationship with them. I went back when my mate was over to rent one for a week and a younger guy (the son?) was running it and was a total dick. 2700B/day! Told him to stuff it and went somewhere else.

    The CB13 I ended up with was cheaper (700B) but older and the first one he gave me had a perished front tyre. I was quite glad and relieved when the week was over and I handed the bike back.

    There are fewer big trailies around but you do see some. I haven't rented any.

    Lots of the bikes are on red number plates and the owners don't like you taking them out of the province, let alone the country.

  4. Sergey

    Sergey Member

    Thank you for reply, Dave
    What does it mean "place on 13/4"?
    Rented bikes has red numbers?
  5. E3L0

    E3L0 Ol'Timer

    Sois (streets) in Pattaya are numbered, 13/4 is the last one going along the sea road before you get to the walking street. The walking street is where the nightlife is. You will find it easily.

    Number plates are usually white. A red one (or green or, I think, blue) has a different legal status. It is nothing to do with whether it is rented.

  6. Sergey

    Sergey Member

    ok, understood! Tnank you
  7. monsterman

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    Red plate means the bike has no registration , cannot be used outside of registered province or at night and is awaitng inspection. Many red plates are copies as not many are issued to dealers so the renters make illegal copies.

    Insurance policies issued by most renters are worthless.

    and many off the bikes are poorly maintained .... so be careful
  8. Sergey

    Sergey Member

    So, if i want to ride out of province, i must rent a bike with "not red plate"?
  9. E3L0

    E3L0 Ol'Timer

    That is correct... but you will be lucky if the tyres make it that far.

    Somebody said that the Bangkok shop 'Red Baron' will sometimes rent a bike. If that is the case, you will get a much better bike from them.
  10. Sergey

    Sergey Member

    Thanks for instruction. We shall rent about 8-10 bikes, is it possible?
    Which papers are needed to ride across whole country? In Russia it is registration passport of vehicle, third party insurance and, so called, technical admission
  11. DavidFL

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  12. cdrw

    cdrw Ol'Timer

    Sergy wrote...'Whether it is possible to cross Laos or Cambodia border on rented motorcycle? '

    You will not be able to leave Thailand on a rental bike.
    You need your passport when leaving the country...and the rental agency keeps it as security that the bike will be returned. Further, when crossing a border, you'd also need to be the bike's owner and bring it's registration with you.

    If you do visit Laos or Cambodia...simply rent a bike there.
  13. Sergey

    Sergey Member

    It is no problem to leave old passport to agency, but to be bike's owner is impossible:(

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