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  1. Hi Friend,

    For motorcycle trailer in Thailand, just one address Joseph in UDON, he is doing a very clean work and very relable trailers.

    I will find the address for you in the coming hours.
  2. We are assuming you want a trailer to put your motorcycle IN, not a trailer to pull behind the motorcycle, na? If so Tropical John is your expert source of information.
  3. I know a guy who is selling a fold up type, he used it to cart bikes all over the country so should be good, let me know if you want to contact him.
  4. Whatever you do, don't use Link removed

    Great looking web site, they emailed me with quite resonable prices for trailers, BUT..

    They said would have a display at motor show, didn't show up, and when I went to their address, its just a piece of waste ground.

    Luckily I hadn't parted with any cash
  5. WEERA engineering near Pattaya made some nice Trailers for Wranglers and East Coast customs that could hold 2 HDs or 3 normal bikes but they were not cheap.

    PM me for more details

  6. See Richco in Chiangmai as he built a nice one for his own use and could easily do another.
  7. Or you could always go for the "No Frills' option:



  8. Hi Friends,

    This solution is well known from French bikers for small weight bikes, it's call a MOTOTRACK from BOTTELIN & DUMOULIN. It's properly made by an U in round section pipe with an horizontal axle to articulate it to the rear bumper of the car and two arrow shape screws which are fixed to the front wheel axle of the bike.

    I practice it during years but I would be carrefull to use it for too heavy bikes like on the pictures....

    I don't know how it will be seen in Thailand, will it be accepted ??? I let the answer to the old Foxes we have on the Forum, for sure we can try !

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