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  1. Help! I am looking for a trucking company in Chiangmai to deliver a big bike to Jontian/Pattaya.
    I have used Thai Post in the past with mixed results (an early post showed an ERN650 badly damaged)
    Any leads?

  2. Nim See Seng - they own the hotel that many stay at in CR & have an office/hotel[?] in CM - have been used by some in the past.
    It is not an overnight service though and I recall that it was crucial to watch loading and packing of padding.
    I don't know if they go to Pattaya or just Bangers.
    The other option is that Joe @ Joe's Bike Team has delivered big bikes both to and from Pattaya with his side-car combo.
    Drop by and talk it through with him.
  3. Hello Tom,

    I had a recent good experience to deliver my R1200GS from CM to Pattaya, and back-loaded its baby brother F650GS from Pattaya to CM!
    Originally recommended to me by West, a Thai guy (Eddy) with his pickup truck based in CM. The Truck has a high sided steel cage, so plenty of anchor points and he's used to tying down and carrying bikes. Unfortunately he didn't have a ramp to help with the load and unload, so needed a few guys on hand to help out, but both bikes arrived in good time and undamaged. His price was also very reasonable. If you're only loading him one way, he may want a few days flexibility to find a return load back to CM.

    I won't publish his phone number here, but if your interested I'd be happy to contact him and put him in touch (Thai). Better also to provide a copy of the Green Book, Tax and Insurance in case of police checkpoints.

  4. Hi friends,

    generally in LOS, I never expect any kind of payback when damaged, thus I try to take all the precautions at the begining to avoid any claim or dispute....

    If you join me on that, any kind of small transporter with a pick-up or with a van could transport a bike with the adequat ropes, fixing and protections.

    On my side, I don't know any "specialised" transport company, expecting that any transporter will be able to carry it.

    Generally, I ask for a copy of the ID, driving license and other papers + I take picture in order to avoid the "nice guy" flies with the bike....

    Apologises Tom, for this poor feedback, that's only my experience.
  5. I second Rhodies suggestion. I have used Nim See Sing to transport two bikes from Chiang Mai to Pattaya. I stated I wanted them delivered on a certain day and they obliged. Excellent service. keep in mind I would unbolt anything of value that could easily be swiped, just common sense really.

    Best of luck.
  6. Tom, I think Nat at the Piston shop might have a carrier also.

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