Motorcycle trip near Luang Nam Tha

Oct 9, 2007
Me and a buddy are in Luang Nam Tha in Northern Laos now, and are about to rent bikes and head up Muang Sing and possibly Xieng Kok. I did this trip last year and it was sweet, but looking at the Gt-Riders map there looks like there is some sort of road from Long (on the road to Xieng Kok) down to Vieng Phouka and then back up to Luang Nam Tha. The map makes it look pretty dodgy but it is two years old. Considering the only bikes we can get here are 150cc bikes does anyone have any experience/advice with any of these roads? Would be keen to head on from there to Huay Xai for the Gibbons experience but probably have to drop the bike back in Nam Tha. Cheers for any help you can give
Jun 21, 2006
yep i was one of those riders who attempted it in the wet, no chance mate there , to some up my riding partner said " like riding on ice with a layer of vaseline over it". it looks a lovely trail and once on it looks innocent enough, but the slime and moss and sludge from the rain makes it hell. it took us 3 hours to do the opening 7 kilometers , we then ended up turning back as we knew we wouldnt make the 70 odd kilometers to vieng phoukha. enjoy the rest of your trip though .....