motorrentals in Chian Mai, be carefull who to choose

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    Hi, Just returned from a fantastic trip. We drove the Golden Triangle. In total we did some 1300 km..
    On the 2nt of Feb, A friend of mine me and our wifes left Belgium (Europe) to Chiang Mai. Last year we drove the Mae Hong Song route and now we would ride the Golden Triangle. Six months in advance we booked our bikes via internet. "Mr Mechanic" in Chiang Mai promissed us two Kawa 6N, with luggage racks. We hired the bikes for 10 days and I paid 50% in advance. (Via Western Union, with costs) When we arrived in Chiang Mai we went to visit Mr Mechanic. There he informed us that he had only one bike with lugage rack, the other was without. This was for us unacceptable. Where would I have put the lugage of my wife and myself? Then he proposed to bring a luggage rack after a few days. Ofcourse this was no help. Then suddenly he returned my money (without the costs) and worked us out of his shop. There we stood, totally suprised. We thought that our trip was ruined. We visited two other shops, but they had no bikes for us. Then we met Pop carrent, at Kochasarn Road These fantastic guys helped us out. I guess it is the bigest shop in Chiang Mai and very professional. They had two perfect bikes for us. 2 kawa 6N, from 2013 with lugage rack. They charged us the same price as Mr Mechanic. They even gave us two cans with chain oil. They realy saved our trip. So if you need a bike in Chian Mai, take a supplier that you can trust. Make no deals with cheaters...
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    Pretty typical for Asia to not really know what you might find on arrival. I had a similar scenario in Chiang Mai and then Hanoi last year. Both times was lucky to find an alternate shop that worked out with great bikes and service. Just like other things in that part of the world, another opportunity will usually appear shortly. All part of the "experience" right?

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