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    well just a quicki trip report! met up with suzuki luke and a bikeing mate from the uk at the kafe,luke on his gixer and orlando cb400 and myself on a honda vfr750 that mr mechanic had just got hold of.
    so after a quick nibble,hit the rd out of town and picked up the 107 to chiang dao, not a lot to report on this stretch apart from the rd works before chiang dao,these were here on my last trip 2 years ok,lots of loos gravel and this defentely tested the suspension of the bikes as it dropped from one servace to anouther,think luke must have been slipping all over!, but not sure as he had buggured of into the distance as usual. well stopped in chiang doa for fuel and this is were the vfr started to spew fuel out of the carbs and the tick over went off like a bar girl on a call to mr mechanic and was promised a replacement bike within 2 hours?,now this we couldent beleave, but full credit to gung and co as 2 and a bit hours later, pick up with another cb4 in back turned up, no ramp to unload but still well back on the rd, took the fork off onto the 1178,cant remember the names of the places we passed threw,but got very scenic and twisty and we were riseing all the time,crested a rise to see orlando and luke chatting to some soldiers, pulled up to say hi and before i can say no have a new pillion buddy snuggling up to me, the bad news he is in uniform and i hope its a pistol in his pocket!,the next ten ks are spent with the cb wheezing up hills and my army buddy gripping me a bit 2 tight for comfort,ohh how the other 2 gigled!,.so deposited our new friend of at his post and got back to the wiggles, lovely rds,up and down like a roller coaster.picked up the 1249 and dropped down onto the 107 again before turning onto the 109, this proved to be great fun with some long twisty corners and yet again luke thought he was at the TT.picked up the 118 and made our way to chiang rai, this rd seams to be covered in loads of shiny strips and a fine diesel mist and neads a steady hand, and not the place to be rideing at night with a dark visor,silly me. chiang rai was busy but we found a nice place called Baan Warabordee 053754488, 59/1 sanpanard rd. just off the main street, the guy let us put the bikes in his drive/garage. unloaded then checked in, nice clean comfy rooms for 500bt,the bad news only 2 doubles so had to share with orlando, shit 2 near gay experiences in one day!!. grub at a local italian, then luke marched us down to a litle soi of bars of ill repute!,me and orlando hit the beer luke went off on one and downed the local thai whisky. sadly no gossip, unless luke popped out of his room later! but dought it as he could hardly get the key in the door!!. next day,leisurely ride back to chiang mai.well luke post some picks and sorry for the bad grammar and spelling this gt rider is one dyslexic lad. see you all at the horizons do.
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  3. BignTall

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    Here here!!

    Nice to see Luke back for round two at the sleazy soi bars in Chiang Rai. Brings a tear to my eye thinking about Luke 3/4 of the way through a bottle of whiskey and once again going home alone. Luke tell me it isn't true!!!!
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    as promised here are some pics of our wild ride.....
    everything going swimmingly so far, doesnt that vfr look RELIABLE

    marcus cornered a lot quicker when motivated byt dropping off his " partner"


    marcus's " partner " going back to the barracks...

  5. dirthonk

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    as marcus said route 109 from fang to mae suai, is a belting road, great condition, little traffic and some decent views..perfect for wearing down the edges of your tyres as it is very twisty i dont remember getting out of 3rd on the gsxr.
    oh and the road that marcus was on about being twisty and scenic and climbing all the time was the 1340 from arunothai to doi ang khang..bring a camera.
  6. DavidFL

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    Sounds a bit like you guys did the 1st half of the Doi Ang Khang loop. ... rms=phuket
    and what a ripper of a loop that one is.
  7. BignTall

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    Do I spy Luke donning something other than the famous and fabulous "Yellow Corn" Sledgehammer jacket. Say you have not put that thing out to pasture? It was classic Thai culture!!!!

    Sounds like some good fun. Nice to see Marcus making friendly with the locals.
  8. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Ended up doing R109 from Fang - Mae Suai in the dark a few nights ago (that's another story) & whilst the road surface is generally bloody good (especially on the east Mae Suai half) I found that at the west end the light road colour got a bit worrying at times as I was not sure if the road was sandy or not,


    then there were a couple of bits of missing road with almost no warning that certainly snapped you to attention, when they suddenly appeared in the dark. Otherwise yeah this is yet another awesome ride in the North.
  9. mja34

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    used this route again after to many years (2007) to run the Vstrom in and it's still a belter even in the wet season! Go explore guys & girls

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