Moved to BKK and miss my old ZRX 1100 and Spd Triple

Discussion in 'Kawasaki Big Bikes Thailand' started by carbster09, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, I have just moved to BKK and I miss my old beloved ZRX 1100. And maybe even the tempermental Triumph Speed Triple; a little! :lol:

    Where exactly are the best shops? I can't locate the Kawk or Truimph shop for anything!! Help?

    Off to REd Baron today!

  2. Hi Carbster09,

    For the Triumph dealer, just go at RCA in Bangkok, you'll find it.

    On an other hand, I am not sure that Red Baron is able to sale brand new Kawasaki, it would be wonderfull as they are really skilled but I don't know about their sale arrangement with Kawasaki.

    If I would have a japanes bike to aquire (and it might happen when I seethe appeal of Kawa prices)
  3. Laurent,

    Many thanks. I found the RCA and fell in lust with a nice little orange Ducati Sport Classic. My brother has a Paul Smart Special that I have ridden. I like everything excpet for the riding position.

    I just need to do a deal on the ducati... more likely I hit the Kawasaki dealer and try my luck with an ER-6. I like it in Black

  4. Howdy carbster09,

    If you can get something bought by Sunday, come to Bira racetrack; there is a track day.

  5. Hi Carbster09,

    Happy you found something you like at RCA, generally Ducati are quite "respected" in Thailand and maintained in mint condition by their owner... It is regarded more than only a bike but much more as a way of life, a bit a "Hiso" symbol....

    Anyway, tell me about the Kawa ER-6N as well, as I think that this bike, well arranged (and I have some ideas about what I would do) could be a very funny and cheap street bike...

    A bit like a KTM Duke, with some imagination and work, the ER-6N could be a nice basis. for a reasonable affordable price in LOS...
  6. Ducati '' HISO'' ?????? not with scumbags like me riding them to death.
  7. Hi Jerry,

    Millions of apologises, Jerry, this wa my general impression on Ducati in Thailand, but of curse this is not applicable for you. Well known you are a legend, in France we would say "Un pur et dur" an inconditional of the Ducati, would say me too...

    But in Thailand, this bike is looked as a symbol related to the price....

    Have you seen the last Street Fighter, it is timidly arriving at the Ducati dealers...Wouah, that's something !

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