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  1. Hi Guys,

    Ive possibly met some of you when touring with SSR up north and roughing it in Cambo. I currently live in Pattaya, for all my sins, now that I have received redemption for them I am seriously considering re-locating my family to Chiang Mai. I will be visiting CM in a couple of weeks or so to have a look around the place and see whats available regarding housing, schooling etc. To make this less painful can I ask your advise where the best/safest areas to look are. I will be renting and have a budget of 40K. Minimum 3 bedrooms required and a secure closed/locked garage required for the bikes.

    Thanks in advance for the advise


    PS looking forward to having all those awesome roads and dirt trails on my doorstep
  2. Johnny, I'm gonna send you an email/PM with my number better to talk over the phone as this will get lenghty......cheers, Franz

    PS: Excellent decision, did the same last years from PTA to Bowin in 2004 and then in 2009 to CNX..... :smile1:
  3. Hey Franz,
    Nice to speak to you on the phone and many, many thanks for the information about Chiang Mai, very informative indeed. I don't think there was anything you missed, my pen was on fire trying to write it all down.
    You've definitely put my mind at ease about the move and looking forward to it now. All going to plan we'll be looking to move in September.
    Also, I will for sure give you a call in a couple of weeks when I come for a visit.

    Thank again
  4. Hi Johnny,
    Great to hear you are making the move.
    I am in the middle of doing the same, relocating from Khon Kaen to Chiang Mai.
    At present I have rented quite a nice 2 bedroom place with good parking for only 7,500 Baht per month, so if your budget is really 40K, you shouild find a palace, or is that a total monthly budget. My place is 5km from the town centre, a nice compromise between easy town access, and quieter living conditions.
    I know a couple of people who keep an eye on places for rent and if they know your requirments maybe able to show you something.
    I am very happy to discuss my experience moving up so far, cannot help with education facilities, but know people with kids who can.
    Maybe we can talk when you are up here, or happy to chat in the meantime. My mobile 0831501035. Feel free to call me anytime.
    Good luck with the move. Cheers, John

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