Moving to CM need advice

Discussion in 'Northern Thailand - General Discussion Forum' started by thedrof, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. Hi,

    I will be moving to Chiang Mai in mid April. Any suggestions concerning a place to initially live for a month or so until I can find something long term would be appreciated.

    I will also be looking to purchase a road bike.


  2. These two guest houses are in a good location about 200 meters from the Kafe.
    There's hundreds of others in the area too. I've stayed in both, boonthavon would be my choice.

    Up to you what bike you want, there's Kawasaki, BMW, Yamaha and Triumph dealers, so take your choice. Also plenty of second hand bikes about.

  3. Yes. I 2nd the Boon. I didn't stay long term but the week I was there was nice, clean, and convenient. The only downside is it's right next to a wat and the monks get going on the gongs at 5AM and that makes the dogs go wild for about 20 minutes. Minor annoyance that can be remedied with some earplugs.
  4. Jack, take your time for another post and refine what you really want to do-buy-rent here in CNX, you gonna stay permanently? I think only then you will get more help than by just throwing in a comment about moving.
    What kind of bike, scooter, cruiser, dirtbike, sportsbike, tourer, 125 -250-400 - 650cc or above ?? ...........would be willing to provide answers but more details first :lol: cheers, FR
  5. Jack, I'm another guy not wishing to look unfriendly so replying mainly to say "tell us more". Are you young, old, coming looking for work or to retire. have you already been to C Mai before? Your message was so brief I didn't know where to start and so I didn't for 3 days.
    Loads of places to stay in town, not only guest house but small apartments and plenty of houses for rent on the outskirts. Being as he is a G T member I'll put in a plug for Jonadda's guest house. A pleasant guy and a biker who I'm sure you would enjoy talking to. If you need someone who has got plenty of free time to help show you around get in touch with me and I'll spare you a day or two. I've been here 23 years but hide out in a sleepy village most of the time.
    As Franz said, post again and be more specific. I'm sure you'll get responses.

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