Moving to KL,hoping to enjoy some ride outs and meet the locals

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  1. Hi,

    I'm currently living in the UK but am moving to KL in August this year. I have had a quick look and bikes seem fairly pricey over there so am looking into bringing my own over. I currently predominatly ride trails (off ride) as the road conditions in the England suck. However with the decent roads in Malaysia I may be tempted to buy a more road orientated bike. As it stands I have a Ktm 250 exc 2 stroke. Whilst it's road legal it's pants for rod riding and is designed for trails/enduro firstly. What are people's opinions on off road trails availability and access in Malaysia and Se Asia? Is there much of an enduro scene there?
    Has anyone had experiance of exporting a bike from UK to Malaysia? Rough costs involved?

    Would be great to make some contacts ahead of time.


  2. Thought one of the long timers would have responded to your post and while I now live in Thailand did live for a year in Malaysia so do have a bit of knowledge. I have seen import rates of 70% into Malaysia - they have their own car and bike industry so this is protected. You could start on this site . They do assemble KTM's which were only a bit over UK price (as opposed to near double in Thailand) and both Honda and Kawasaki sell CRF and KLX but not sure of pricing - cheap here in Thailand. If you do road riding read the bit on the forum as it is very different from Europe. Yes there are groups (more so in Thailand than Malaysia) that do off road - it is very assessable, just link into the reports.
  3. Hi John,

    Thanks for the reply. I'll look into the import rate and see what it says. Good to hear about the ktm prices. Do you have any links to bike pricing in Malaysia? I have done abit of searching for bike related links on the web but have found depressingly few in relation to off road groups/facilities in Malaysia. Sorry for my ignorance but what do you mean 'link into the reports'?
    I am also keen to get a road bike so I'd be interested to hear of your experiances in Malaysia? As you've mentioned the majority of links groups seem to be based around Thailand. I do hope to explore the region on bike once we've settled in and Chang Mai is on the radar. I have been previously and the riding was beautiful albeit on a scooter!

    Thanks again,
  4. Hi Iain,
    There's plenty of action here in Malaysia and depending on your preferences, many groups are available to join on the road and offroad as well. A friend of mine said to me last week, buying a bike here make more sense than bringing his own KTM from Australia unless u have a special connection with your ride, he says.
  5. Hello,
    Thanks for your reply. Do you have any information on the groups and how to go about getting involved? Where are you based?
    I'm pretty much resigned to the fact I'll have to buy a bike when I arrive. I have seen a brand called Demak DTm which seem quite keenly priced. I am not expecting it to be as competent as the KTM off-road but has anyone got experience of the brand?
  6. Hi,
    I am based in Rawang, about 25km from the city center.
    Well I am not pretty much directly involved with the offroad groups but I can point you to the right direction. There is one blog you can follow to get hooked -

    I've seen a lot of Demak on the road today but I do not personally owns one so I may not comments on the bike performance.
  7. Thanks for the links, looks like some great off-road action close to the city. The blog seems to not have been updated in some time. Do you have any suggestions as to who to make contact with when I arrive to get involved with the off road scene? Thanks for your help so far.
    Any one else with a heads up on the Demak ? Any reputable bike dealers in KL to be recommended ?


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