Mt Fansipan Cable Car

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  1. 'ianyonok' has on several ocassions in different threads talked of his desire to ride to Vietnam to see Mt Fansipan, at 3143m, the highest peak in SE Asia & known to all those who have ever visited Sa Pa. Accessible only on foot, the climb is a 3 day affair other than for extremely experienced climbers.

    The People's Committee of Lao Cai had approved the construction of a 6.2km cable-car system from Sa Pa to the top of 3,143m-tall Mount Fansipan, a move which has seen much debate both for & against the project in the community.

    Time will tell!
  2. I hope they don't build that. It would surely put many guides and porters out of work and would ruin the mystique and challenge of reaching the summit by foot. I seriously considered trying to climb it but decided against it after hiking up Hamrong to the "Cloud Yard". That was enough sweating for a view for me. Foot wash/massage please!
  3. I agree with feejer. Making any majestic mountain easily accessible only creates problems. Yes, a loss of work for areas that have or need guides as well as
    more litter and trash from hordes of irresponsible visitors. The mountain would lose its allure and beauty, becoming a Disneyland attraction.

    SEA's highest mountain is only a puny 3143-meters? Previously being an avid wilderness backpacker, I've been atop California's Mt Whitney
    (4421-meters (14,505-ft) 3-times. Majestic views and no tourists or their litter.
    Now, decades later, I run out of breath climbing the stairs to my 12th floor condo! ;-)

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