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Discussion in 'Laos Road Trip Reports' started by angkor1, Jan 11, 2010.

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    Its possible to cross the border to Laos only with a copy from the green book. because I change the engine and the book is in a office to transfer the number of the new engine inside the book. But I have to wait more than 1 week, normaly we starting on 14.01. my name is in the book and I have only now the copy. Last week the check on Thaiside was very easy they not control engine and frame number.

    Maybe someone has the tel phone number from the Thai custom in Meung Ngeun. That will be perfect.
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    Possibly you check with the Immigration office in Nan, 117 Moo 4 Amphoe Mueang, Changwat Nan 55000, phone: 054-711-913 and fax: 054-771-075. They for sure can give you the phone number of the border post in Ngern and calling them you can get to talk to the customs. In Thailand nothing goes straight ahead and, if you have a Thai-speaking person around you, you might want this person to do the phoning. If not successfull then let me know; I'll be passing that border post in 4 - 5 days by car en route to China.
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    For the sake of good order; the telephone number of the customs point in Ban Nam Ngern (one hour from Hongsa/Sayaboury Province) is +856-74-213074. Just came back from yet another trip through that meanwhile gruesome border point; the lignite power plant transport is in full swing and takes its tolls on the road from Ban Nam Ngern towards Hongsa.


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