Mukdahan Bike Party

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  1. The Sisaket Riders Club are heading up to Mukdahan this Saturday 2 Jun for a Bike Party. At least that's what I think it is. I don't know who else will be there but we are taking quite a contingent.
    I would like to be the first to cross the 2nd Friendship bridge and post a report but I just did a visa run to Chong Mek with a group last week and don't feel like springing the extra B1550 to do it again so soon - sorry. I'll go out and take a look though, last October I crossed by ferry.Cheers, Peter
  2. What's the round trip (klm's) for that journey Sisaket - Mukdahan ?
  3. It's just under 500km round trip.
    Last October I did the trip Sisaket - Pakxe - Suvanaket - Mukdahan - Sisaket over 3 days. You can see the trip report at; ... ,motocross
    Cheers, Peter
  4. Cheers Peter, I don't know how I missed the trip report as I thought I'd read the lot through out this forum. How do you find doing a 500K round trip on a Phantom?
    I did a 600K round trip on my Steed 600 from Sak Keaow - Kanchanaburi at Songkran & I'm still suffering with a bad back now. I bought a Hona CB 750 recently but is still not ready for a road trip just yet. Hopefully that will make for a more comfortable ride!! (great report by the way)
  5. Hi Tiswas,
    I can handle 700km in a day OK on the Phantom on highway motoring( not around MHS) and did so and more on several days when I went to Singapore with minimal fatigue. My ideal would be around 500km.The only physical stress was in my throttle hand which ached after holding the throttle for so long. I rectified that with a little plastic palm rest.
    I would have thought the Steed would be much the same as the Phantom but a little faster, so am surprised you should suffer back pain. Are you physically fit ? Do you work out ? I have to be in good shape to be able to continue doing this stuff at my age - I am 67 today, and hope to continue for a few more years yet. I also ride a bicycle which although more hazardous then a motorcycle is good for the rear end and fitness. I average 110-120kph which is almost at the top of the Phantom's range and think that is quite fast enough for most Thai roads although a bit more would be nice on the Freeways.
    Cheers, Peter
  6. Hi Peter,
    I got the pain at the base of my spine after the completion of the journey to Kanchanaburi then the same area after getting back home. I'm 38 but I admit am not in as good a shape as I should be. I was thinking it was the posture sitting on the bike but about a year ago I had a CBR 1000 but found the racing position also gave me the same problem, that's why I sold that and got the Steed !!
    Anyway Peter, how long do you think it will take to get to Mukdahan ? & will you be stopping over or returning the same day ? Although I haven't been myself I have friends that go for the visa run & say it's quite a pleasant trip plus reasonable place to stay especially at the Laos side when staying overnight to collect the visa.
    The Phantom was the fist bike I had in Thailand. It was a 150cc version & a kick start, I regret selling it to this day...didn't really appreciate what a decent bike it was.
  7. Tiswas my Phantom is a TA200, greater capacity but not as high top speed as the 150, TJ could affirm that.
    Travelling with this bunch it could take anything from 4 to 12 hours depending on distractions along the way and subject to the whims of the Alpha male on his BMW 1200GS. I am quite at ease with knowing about 50% of what is going on so just tag along. It reminds me a lot of being in the Army really - short periods of frantic activity followed by long periods of waiting . I'll let you know after the w/e how it went.
  8. Tiswas when my brother came over last year we used a builders back brace for him because he had back trouble. It is like a corset and has stiff ribs at tthe back to support your back. Bit hot but worth it. The Motocross riders also use something similar I understand to protect them on the jumps - could be worthh checking out - where are you located ?
  9. WE rode our 150 from Chaing Mai to Udon straight through I would not do it again, but the bike handled it very well. I didn't. Where roads permitted we were cruising two up and gear for a week at 130, the down side is he vibration makes you tire easliy. I to have a major back problem and have been using a brace for years, really helps.

    Muktahon ( spelling) is an easy day trip form Udon. Our normal day trip in season is between 400 and 500 Klms. With my back I'm down the next day or so and resting. But without the back problem you could easily do it day after day. We take stops at least once an hour and stretch a bit, lie one another have a our smokes and get in some more. But remeber the idea is to enjoy it, if 700 Klms a day is your cup of tea by all means go for it. If it's 200 hey it's your day do what yuo like.
  10. Thanks for that advice guys..i'll give the back support a try. I I know after many hours reading the fantastic posts throughout this sight that I was too hasty moving up from the 150 Phantom. Reading so many of the guys on long road trips on 150cc & 200cc ect taught me that you don't need a huge capacity bike to enjoy yourself !! Anyway Peter & the rest of your crew enjoy the ride & be sure to let us know how you get on.
    Cheers Tony
  11. That's why Captain I bought the CB see if this was more of a touring friendly bike for me. The Steed was ok but only for a maximum of roughly 3 hours riding before the pain set in. The CBR 1000 I had was a definate no no for me at long distance as I felt like I was still in the position when I got off it !! A friend of mine recmmended the CB 400 or 750 as the answer to my problems. I hope this is right for me because I sure don't want to be buying bikes every other month !!
  12. Ok here is the other part of the equation the Captain is right, because of my back I had to modify every seat, the seat on the 535 was raised approximately four inches, which puts me in the best riding position, not for the bike but for my back, cost 400 Baht.The steed or drags stars I would have to do the smae thing they set to low for my back. Just a thought instead of a new round of buying bikes
  13. I have just posted a trip Report on this Event on the Esaan Forum

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