Mukdahan/Savan Water Level

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  1. Has anyone been in Savanhket in the last few days and is the truck ferry running?? I heard from an unreliable source that the ferry has stopped due to low water levels in the Mekong.


    Mukdahan/Savan Water Level

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  2. Jim
    Supposedly this is for real

    Thursday March 09, 2006

    Ferry ports to be relocated

    Thai and Lao authorities plan to move ferry ports in Mukdahan province and Laos' Savannakhet province about 10 kilometres from their present locations into deeper water. Mukdahan Governor Boonsom Pirinyuang said the ferry service between Mukdahan and Savannakhet was suspended on Friday due to the shallow water. That left over 200 cargo trucks stranded on both sides of the river.

    Parties concerned have discussed the problem and agreed the ferry ports should be moved 10km north from the provincial town to another section of the river at Wan Yai district that is deeper.

    A sand port in Mukdahan was selected but the owner of the port and local people must first agree. If that is settled, Lao authorities will relocate the port on their side accordingly. Mukdahan is the second most important trading post between the two countries after the border between Nong Khai and Vientiane.

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  3. Here's another one on the same problem ... hTerms=gps

    Critically-low water level halts Thai-Lao Mekong River ferry services

    MUKDAHAN, March 9 (TNA) - Critically-low water levels in the Mekong River at this key Indochina trade border crossing point has stopped the service between Thailand and Laos.

    According to provincial authorities here, the receding water level is at a critically low level that forces motorised-ferries between Thailand and Laos to remain at their moorings.

    Mukdahan Governor Boonsom Pirintharawong told TNA on Wednesday that the river has dried up so quickly that it was impossible for motor ferries between Thailand's Mukdahan to Laos's Sawannakhet to cross, forcing operators to suspend services since last Friday.

    More than 200 truckloads of goods are reportedly waiting on both sides of the water frontier to cross the border because of the suspension of services.

    Governor Boonsom met with concerned agencies and businesses and is appointing a joint committee to find a solution.

    As a short term solution, the committee suggested relocation of the ferry service to a new site some 10 kilometres distant where waters remain deep enough for the operation.

    Operators said they are prepared to reopen services as soon as they have permission from the authorities, ferry owners and local villagers whose lands would need to be used. (TNA)-E110

    Perhaps you can put a full set of knobbies on the Transalp 400 & ride across the Mekong to beat the North Thai Tea Drinkers with their Mekong jump. Have a go, as guaranteed you'll get some good photos.

    You have to wonder though, whose land have they selected? Which politician is the lucky winner?

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  4. David et all: I plan to cross back into Laos on April 11 from Mukdahan to Savan. I am concerned about the ferry operations. Anything further on the water level and the re-location of the ferry operations? Thanks, HerbertD
  5. David
    Like your chances. But Jimoi is in the area & might have some news.
    Otherwise Savanakhet
    south to Pakxe is approx 250 kms & no ferry crossing
    north to Tha Khek is approx 140 kms

    How's the BeeEm going?
    Have you been out riding with Michael Craypot again?

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  6. only seen dh on the cocktail circuit - not riding. see other post - im out of action - not riding accident - went thru glass wall at club - not pretty.

    get [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

  7. Davidfl: I just returned from the States and the Beemer has been in a box, took it out last Sunday and checked out Route 13, down to Thabok - - not very scenic. I plan to cross the Friendship Bridge on Sunday and go down route 212 to Mukdahan and cross over at Savanket. Will let you know if I don't get a boat ride across. The plan is to go as far as the border with Cambodia and come back to Vientiane on RT 13. Not an exotic ride but you are welcome to join me and check out your new GPS. David

    David Herbert
  8. jimoi

    I have just learned from a reliable source that the ferry is running daily (except Sundays) and the Mukdahan/Savan Water Level is fine.
  9. Herbertd,

    Pic above: Current stage of Mukdahan /Savan bridge

    I am at the moment in Savanakhet and the ferry is running but not in the normal location. From the Laos side, the crossing has moved upriver.
    Starting at the Passenger Ferry building, go along the Mekong river road north for 8.5 km. There is no way to miss the new site, there is such a backlog of trucks that it will take a good week or so to get them across.
    The Laos customs and immigration have moved there as well and when asked, the customs man said no problem with the motorbike into Laos.
    From the Thai side, I can only say from riding around previously but go along the river road north and it looks to be 3 - 4 km from the bridge. On the good news, it is a straight shot across the river, no more than 10 minutes. When you arrive in Laos, turn right and into town.

    Pic above: Evening on the Mekong, note how the island between Laos and Thailand is SEVERAL meteres out of the water.

    On the even better side of staying in Savanakhet, The Lao Lao Der hotel is a huge improvement to the staying here scene. Located about 1 km out of town on the Mekong, great rooms, excellent deck overlooking the river, pretty damn good food and sexy little Lao girls hanging out. Hope my girlfriend will find it as nice as I do.

    Pic Above: Why I love Laos, beers on the Mekong in Savan

    Pic above: Mekong 25 km, Thai side from opposite side of VTE

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