My 2012 KTM 200 EXC

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  1. The long wait is over (for my wife anyway!), ive still got 20 days, 3 hours, 14 minutes and 54 seconds of offshore duties to nail down. My KTM 200 EXC arrived home this afternoon.

    As always, ill be stripping it down to go over everything and give it a good lube, all documented of-course. Got a few mods, Rekluse, Scott Steering Stabiliser, Hand Guards and that seat looks painful just from the photos. Ill be adding the left hand rear brake and ive also got a nice little mod to retain the hydraulic clutch function utilising a 450 hotstart lever and go kart brake master cylinder. That will be all for now, but im sure there will be lots more mods as I go along.

    Im really looking forward to the 2 stroke experience. The WR is great but lacks that excitement I think Im going to get from the 200, and yes, im looking forward to all those gear changes and revving the tits off it! 95Kg's and 39bhp is going to be alotta fun...

    Cant wait to get home, get it sorted and RIDE........


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  2. Awesome, I would LOVE one of these!!
  3. I had one back in California. After 1 ride up in the hills of Chiang Mai on my TTR-250 I have always said a KTM 200 would be the best bike for the conditions in and around Chiang Mai. Good choice !!
  4. Looks like FUN! And already a long list of trick mods. Hope to get up and join you for a ride one of these fine days! Congrats on the new bike! :happy1:
  5. For sure you will love it just take it nice and easy 1/4 throttle first tank of fuel 1/2 throttle second tank give it a bit third tank and after that hang on :happy2:
  6. Congrats on the KTM.
    Purchased from the local dealer? or private import?
    Is that an aftermarket larger gas tank?

    Forget about taking it easy!!! Just pin the throttle! :)
  7. Hummm Pin the throttle first up and you will be putting new rings in it by the end of the first day.
  8. shame you took it literally.
  9. Does KTM sell this model in Thailand yet?

    I'm curious about your "little mod to retain the hydraulic clutch function" with a rekluse clutch. Just how does that work?

    I've never ridden a bike with rekluse clutch but it sounds like great technology to prevent stalls and improve traction.

    On the flip side- do you think the rekluse had anything to do with the clutch failure in your WR?

    Happy Trails!

    Tony :)
  10. I was told any models can be ordered thru KTM dealer.

    What I really wanted to know if Johnny also got the TB20,000 voucher for buying KTM :)
  11. I spoke to them and they would import one.. But the price he gave me was just crazy (considering it wasnt getting road regged), I could nearly import 2 myself at that money and could temp import MANY plated low hours UK ones.. The freeride 350 will be sold soon but at a 460

    Have one on backorder for the YZ at the moment..

    My guess would be for sure.. If he accidentally got to a higher gear, you would be laboring the clutch the whole time.. Plus its simply added complexity..

    Going to higher quality plates (plus basket plus tungsten BB's if your really concerned) all would help.
  12. Cool! Well, I think it's a non issue for me as they don't seem to make a rekluse for the KLX, but hopefully if/when I master the KLX and am ready to upgrade to something a bit more serious I will be able to give a rekluse a try.

    Have to agree that Kunka charges some pretty outrageous prices for their KTM's here in Thailand... TiT I suppose... :oops:
  13. Yamaha plates are what caused the failure. My contact in Indo who is the Rekluse dealer informs me Yamaha friction discs are renowned for falling apart under extreme use. I've cancelled the TC balls as they will make the engagement too snappy and would seriously affect the ability to lug uphill.

    Mr not on a yammy - unfortunately no 20K from KTM BKK, is that what there offering to dampen the the extortion? I'm seriously thinking about the SMCR (but not from them), will wait til the end of the year til the good (rainless) weather returns. Thrashing the WR in that manner isn't doing it any good at all.

    Tony - once I get home I'll post some photos of the modification to retain the clutch when it's complete. There's lots of people slag the Rekluse off and say its cheating. It makes riding more enjoyable and my riding has become faster as a direct result of it, the left hand rear brake is the single most best upgrade ive ever c/o on a dirt bike. A high percentage of enduro competition riders use Rekluse, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why.
  14. I couldnt give a hoot.. If it makes it easier to control the YZ, allows me to enjoy riding and be safer because of it.. Its going on..
  15. I had a 2006 Yamaha WR450F outfitted with a Recluse auto clutch and left hand rear brake. I found no need to add the clutch over ride. I didn't have any trouble with burning plates although I didn't own it that long. I rode some class A national enduro loops out in Ridgecrest CA on it and it was simply amazing. I used to ride it up dry uphill river beds like it was nobody's business.

    As for the KTM 200 and a Recluse clutch. The KTM 200 does not have alot of torque, you can easily fry the plates. Be careful with the gear selection and I think you will be OK with it. You can always go back to the stock set up or drop a tooth on the counter sprocket if you are burning clutches. Hey but clutches are replaceable for a reason. Keep in mind the KTM seats are horrible for comfort. They are designed for weight distribution not comfort. Ride it hard, stand up and have fun.
    Check out Enduro Engineering. They have a ton of gear for KTM 2 strokes.

    Enjoy !
  16. bombdefuzer- do you know the setup you used with the Rekluse on your WR ie whats spring and type/amount of balls? Did you lug uphills often with it?
  17. It was such a long time ago that I cannot remember the set up. I did not lug it much but living in the high desert of California, I climbed some monster hills with that WR. Rocky, sandy and steep. The only issue I had with the Recluse is that if ..IF you stall it (this is not supposed to happen with an auto clutch but I did it) on a big uphill you cannot rely on keeping the bike in gear to turn it around to have another try. You have to use the brakes. This makes turning the bike around safely on a steep incline much much more difficult. Additionally you lose a little control of engine braking downhill. The bike will freewheel unless you blip the throttle past the engagement RPM. If you had a Recluse Im sure you understand this. If I get another dirt bike here in Thailand I can see well past these minor shortcomings and would get a Recluse. The benefits outweigh the disadvantages by far.

    Maybe when you get back I can take a look at your set up on the WR.

  18. Finally got around to installing some of the mods...

    First the Rekluse:














    The Rekluse works miles better on the 200 than my WR, impossible to stall. I opted for 3 extra Tungsten balls on top of the 27 steel ones to give a more positive engagement and allow minimal slip. Thrapping through the trails today was great fun.

    I also put the Left Hand Rear Brake on as there is no need for a clutch anymore, however saying that I will be installing a clutch perch override - just to get a hose made up and then I can finish it off. You can see the perch below. Im quite confident there will be enough leverage with the shorty to operate the clutch as the standard lever was easy to pull after the Rekluse went in.





    Next fitted the Scotts steering stabiliser and greased both head bearings as there wasn't enough for my liking.














    All in all very happy with the way it performed today. Still to set up the suspension/sag etc and the engine is running very lean - ordered a JD Jetting kit for it this morning. The bike came with different needles/jets but you can't beat James Dean Jetting Kits for getting it right first time. The bike is difficult to start and the JD kit should sort that out. Im hoping it will iron out the power band also and make it smoother. Ill wait and see what rejetting does to it before messing around with the power valve and sprockets.
    I didn't really enjoy it to the fullest this morning because of those bloody knee braces I just recently bought pinching my knees. Once I removed them I felt more free and able to move the bike around better, unfortunately the heat and beer got the better of me by then!
    I can't say enough about the LHRB, you have to try one to believe how much control you have with the rear brake. The master cylinder you get from Rekluse is that good its easy to lock the rear wheel up with one finger if required
    Only negative - some of the steep loose sections today had me spinning the rear up. This was probably down to my lack of commitment before the steep part. The WR would have just motored up those part easily. Anyway just a bit of a learning curve I suppose. Its a problem ive had for a while, committing myself fully before steep sections. Where the WR will let you get away with it because of its low down torque the KTM doesn't want to know, commit yourself or push me up the hill.
  19. Welcome home Johnny!
    Always enjoy your mod reports and pictures!
    Thanks for another great write-up!
  20. Below is a quick video of the Clutch Override Perch Ive designed to operate a go-kart brake master cylinder. This will give me back my manual clutch operation if needed. The lever can be operated with one finger very easily. Once it connects to the slave cylinder there will be more resistance which hopefully will give it a nice feel. The video is just for testing and obviously won't be mounted on the handle bar. Ill also have to play with the pull angle to get the right amount of travel. Just some small brackets to fabricate and it should be good to go in a day or two.

    And here's a video of the bike going up the notorious Chiang Mai's Last Man Standing this morning

  21. Great vids and looks like the air quality has improved a lot! :happy5:

    Must confess I still have no idea how you are able to "turn off" the rekluse function by adding that go-cart clutch but I assume you know what you're doing and that it works! :thumbup:

    Happy Trails!

  22. Nice bike and mods. Did you ever ride a 450EXC before you bought this bike?
  23. Sorry no, never owned one of them.
  24. Ok just was wondering. I have ridden both the 200EXC and the 450EXC through the desert. The 450EXC was a lot easier to ride through the dunes. IMHO more balanced and solid through anything. Your bike is still a star though! Have fun with it up there! Great job on the mods.
  25. Due to the increased rotational mass of the 450 motor and the added weight of the motor itself = increased stability. This comes at a cost though. Although the 450 EXC is an excellent bike for the desert (I have owned 2 X 450 and 2 X 525), the 200 is probably better here in the sloppy stuff when jetted and sprung correctly. Now the new 350 thumper from KTM or the 250 XCF is probably a good "in between" in regard to the 200 EXC and 450 EXC for dirt use in Thailand.

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