my bike sings to me

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  1. Yes i am so happy the sound coming out of both the cut down K&N airbox and the rear cored racing termis sounds like the choir of Hell it is utterly addictive and fantastic ... i cant get enough of this machine now after 18months of love hate its all love now the machine is so smooth and tractable butthe sound my devil its sex on wheels ... no its better than sex .
  2. Check the time of Jerry's post Col - maybe his feelings were slightly influenced by alcohol? :lol:

    I used to keep my 916 in the kitchen of my semi-detached house back in the UK and every once in a while, when completely steaming and egged on by mates, I used to fire her up just to listen to the "glorious sound" of open Termis. I never could understand why the neighbours didn't share my appreciation of the Italian Symphony at 11pm or later.........


    Alcohol makes people do the strangest things. :twisted:


  3. No guys I had just returned from a 250km blat around chonburi /rayong only had 2 beers and a stop in soi6 as well ,,,, and that proved to me that riding the Duacti is better than sex.
  4. Are we talking about the bike you wanted to sell? Aren't you lucky to have us who talked you out of it? :wink:
    I hope to take the Monster down to Disneyland when they (eventually) finish the roadworks.
    Besides scaring eldery women and children, do Termis or Arrows for that matter, give any increase in performance?
  5. "Open" exhausts on their own don't do too much for performance but when used in conjunction with a freer flowing filter and a chip (or carb jets) can make a useful difference.

    I chipped my 916 at the same time as adding the Termignonis (FIM chip from Australia specifically for the pipes with separate fuel maps for each cylinder) and the "Pikey arsedyno" reckoned about a 10% increase. This was measured by formerly being able to wang it through 1st, 2nd & 3rd before having to hit the brakes for a roundabout at 90mph and after the mods, seeing just about 100mph using the same technique. (Sidenote: I also added stainless brakelines and EBC HH pads at the same time!).


  6. I did everything to this Bike over a year ago, Opened Airbox with K&N race filter, Megacycle /Nichols rockers ,Race cored open termis in C/F power commander and several maps , many retunes and it ran like shit I HATED IT BUT OUT OF THE BLUE SOMEONE SENT ME A MAP THAT CHANGED EVERYTHING.

    If that map had not arrived I would have sold it last week, now I WONT SELL IT, AS ITS PERFECT.

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