My first 2 day trip again ... from Khon Kaen to Loei (and back)

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  1. Sorry not much photos ... but this week I made my first 2 day trip since my accident 7 months ago.

    I left early in the morning .... like 6 in the morning. From Khon Kaen straight to Chumpae via route 12. Boring and it is getting busy. I noticed that I am more carefully with U-turns and stupid scooters along the road. The nice riding starts for me after the PTT gasoline station just after Chumpae. I always stop there for a hot coco and a croissant sandwich. And fill up the tank and then of to Nam Nao. Still a lovely road to ride. And no U-turns and almost no stupid scooters. Only at one small village there are always dogs along the road. I always count them ... this time 14 dogs. They just sit & sleep along the road in a stretch of 500 meter. I made a stop at the view-point & market.

    Then down to Lomsak where I again stop for a drink at the PTT gasoline station just after Lomsak. Then of to the curves of route 2331 to Phu Thap Boek. The road is still great but Phu Thap Boek is being covered by Resorts, Restaurants and shops. I had lunch at 1800m high and went down again. Took route 203 to Loei, made a stop at the lovely lake just 10 km before Loei city. Great place for lunch!

    In Loei I did stay again at King Hotel, still going well. Clean room and not expensive. Loei city is changing a bit with more restaurants. The next day I did wake-up again very early and did ride route 203 back in direction of Phu Rua but after about 30km I took route 3002 along Phu Luang to Wang Sapung. Beautiful route. Almost no traffic, nice view. But sunlight in your face. And as it was cold my mirrors were fogging up as was my visor. I had a great ride to route 201 a bit south of Wang Sapung.

    From here it was straight back to route 12 again to hit the highway hell back to Khon Kaen. Well I stopped near Phu Man (just before) where are some restaurants and I had a late breakfast or early lunch there.

    Full report with some photos is at my travel-blog :

    I love riding again!
  2. Good to hear you are getting well again and enjoy biking Changnoi !! It always takes a little time and effort to drop the habit of getting too over-careful after one hits the tarmac, same with everybody, no exceptions. It always takes me more than a month to pass an accident section of a road in a more relaxed manner.......but anyway, welcome back to riding, just in time for the right temperatures and season !! Some real good fotos of sunsets/-rises you posted on your blogspot ! Ride Safe !! Franz
  3. Thanks Franz. Yes I did pass the place of my accidents now twice and it still feels weird. I hope I will soon feel more relaxed on the so called "highways" (the only highways in Thailand are actually the toll-roads in BKK).
  4. Good to see you back on the road again.

    I see this pic on your blogspot link


    & wonder if it is from the same trip - exactly where is it?

    & in case you were wondering

    303236=21064-GPS Map024.jpg
  5. Yes, from the same trip. I made a short relax and pissing stop at the view-point overlooking the lake.

    On Google Maps the lake is called "Huai Nam Man" (but I believe locals use another name). It is about 10 km west of Loei city. About 4 km from route 203 (what is called on Google Maps route 21). Coming from Loei city in direction of Phu Rua a 700m after Wat Saeng Arun, there is a small road going to the right. There are signs for it, but I believe only in Thai. It is great spot for a lazy afternoon on a bamboo raft with beer, food and friends. You will have to leave your bike on the dry.

    Be aware that there are 2 roads going to this lake, the first one (coming from Loei) will lead to the other side of the lake what is pretty dead-end there.
  6. Jeez...I reckon we would of passed each other on the road at some stage, I did almost the same exact trip, except I came from Udon :)

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