my ID was hacked

Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by dcalaska, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. to the sorry ass using my ID to post stupid rude posts , STOP it now !!!
    Sorry to all the people who may have seen that other post by an impersonator using my ID
    By the way , how is that possible?
  2. Not bad for a starting member!

    Rough day at the office?
  3. Feel free to personally introduce yourself to the CNX riders at any MotoGP get together. Comments like that will guarantee you a memorble welcome..... [;)]
  4. Someone explain to me what that is all about?[:0]
  5. This seems out of character for 'DC' - maybe he made the same mistake as someone in the Kafe recently and foolishly left himself logged on!

    If so, seems like a good time to fess up DC....??
  6. DCs Right. Absolute Boys Club Knobbery.
  7. DC and Bolly,

    Tell us something we don't know.
  8. LOL..... If I was to deny it I would be lying

    @Tomo, I think you maybe right! But its not really a problem as we are just MC enthusiasts, and I'm sure Trolls like this won't upset anyones day here right?
  9. Thank you for not using the term chronic, and when did you look in my window[8D]
  10. I Love this Shit, Always gives me a good Laugh when other things may be Bugging me!!! Don't take Life so serious Everybody is different.
    "Common Sense is not so Common" Keep up the Good Work.
    Cheers Ian.
  11. Sticks and Stones..........
    I had a few myself yesterday, beers that is.
  12. "All who post here are wankers" . So the person who posted the original mesage may well be one himself ??
  13. "All who post here are liars."
  14. Personally speaking, I take great pleasure in occassionally just lying back and knocking one out - a lot less tiring than a proper shag and it's always done "just the way I like it" [:D]


  15. A fascinating illustration of how close the British and American cultures remain over two centuries after the political connection was severed.
  16. to the sorry ass using my ID to post stupid rude posts , STOP it now !!!
    Sorry to all the people who may have seen that other post by an impersonator using my ID
    By the way , how is that possible?
  17. D.C. No doubt David Unk will reply with suggestions but the first thing I would do is change your password, that should fix the problem, and make the password not a real word.
  18. As I found to my embarrasment[:I] if you log on at a general computer @ a i/net cafe etc but forget to log off, and or, clean history, the next user can open up an carry on browsing/posting in your name.
    Your remedial post will certainly ensure a warmer and kinder welcome in CNX as a result.
    Oh, and beware the Kafe i/net surfers!!
    ATB - good to have you back in the fold.
  19. shit happens mate, it didn't cost you a sheep farm!
  20. DC
    Dont worry about it mate. The GT Riders are an awfully thick skinned mob (most of the time), & I think that most of us realised you'd probably forgot to log off in an internet cafe, leaving some fun loving prick the irresistible opportunity to set you up.
    It also wouldn't be the first time we've been called a pack of wankers (or at least me.)
    Your next steps are to change your password & save some money for all the beers you owe us when you arrive in Chiang Mai. There will be a posse waiting out on the super highway in Lampang (100 kms out) to escort you into Chiang Mai & one of our fave pubs. See ya soon then.
  21. Shit
    just as it was getting interesting, at least we got a confession out of Pikey, by the way Pikey dont be offended if i dont offer my hand next time me meet.
  22. John,

    No worries, I'm a "leftie" [;)]

    BTW, thought about "apologizing" to SuziQ for my frankness in my previous post (she being one of the only frequent lady posters at the mo) but then thought "nah, she's guessed by now that we're all wankers and still chooses to hang out on the board so she must be cool and appreciate the humour" [:eek:]

    Welcome back "DC".


  23. lovely pleasant thread , peace and lub to u all from the king of all the wankers

  24. I think I missed it, Pikey. Just hope it wasn't too much of a culture shock![:0]
    I hang out here and on the Back packersjoint. Both are active sites. I'm what you would all call a prude: don't smoke, can't drink, never tried any drugs, never truant at school ...the whole goody two shoes thingy. I simply chose not to do any of that. If any of my posts annoy you, pls know that that was not my intention. I did not sign up here to antagonize anyone...just making friendship, is all.[8)]

    I accept all of you for who you are and I do hope you accept me for who I am.
    What's wankers?
  25. Pikey, you have certainly dug a hole for yourself there, now you must explain/translate to SuziQ what your statements mean...... good luck matey.... now dont hold back with explanation....

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