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  1. I've finally obtained a replacement license plate for my bike. Costs indicated below.

    As posted earlier, my bike was stolen from a hotel lobby in Sihanaoukville, Cambodia by a neer-do-well Brit drug addict, who hoped to sell it and fill his empty pockets. The thief had removed the bike's license plate, as well as destroying the gas cap lock. Due to friends in Snooky, the word was put out and I very fortunately recovered the bike. ... t3359.html

    Upon return to Pattaya, as suggested by Robert Rhiekel, I went to see Khun Joe, the owner of Nippon Bikes, to have him obtain a replacement license plate. Joe needed the following documents:
    1-copy of first page of my passport and most recent visa.
    2-Green book for the bike.
    3-Letter from Immigration confirming my residence.
    I was surprised that a copy of the Khmer police report was not requested.

    Today, a few weeks later, I've a new license plate and surprisingly a brand new green book, which indicates my name as the only owner. My original green book listed the 2 prior owners of the bike. FWIW, the bike is BKK registered.

    Cost for the new plate and green book was 1250-Bt.

    I'm once again a happy camper...
  2. We all hear of horrid stories involving bookwork on the bikes. My eyes rolled when I heard of your plight in Snooky. Nice to see a happy ending come of this so quickly. Very happy for you.

    Have you done much off roading in the Cardammon (sp?) mountains? If so what were your thoughts of the area?
  3. I've been to/through Koh Kong _many_ times and have explored the area pretty thoroughly...but have yet to feel experienced enough to try the Cardamon's. Yet I've been offroad in lesser challenging areas of Cambo, Laos, etc.
    The board has names for members, based on the number of posts provided. I should ask David to change mine from "Leader of the Pack", a misnomer, to "Rookie of the Pack" as I'd never had a motorcycle until I bought the one I now have a year ago.
  4. It's not easy to understand how they do things in this country. You only needed a replacement license which shouldn't have cost much and got a new book plus a plate. Did you keep your license number or did they change it to a new one? Did you tell them the bike was stolen? Or did you tell them you just lost the plate and need a new one?
    I'm thinking of getting a second plate off my Wave for my VTR, just for two-three months until I get the registration so I won't be pulled over all the time. But I guess I'll have to go ahead and do it, there's no general rule how they do things.

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