My next bike will have mags!!

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  1. I wanted to go on my weekend ride and realized that the rear tire was flat. I knew it had a slow leak but the tire was good enough to get to the station to get some air. I checked the tire for nails by spraying window cleaner onto it, I learned that at a Yamaha dealer; they found a nail in the tire that way.
    No nail or visible metal, I figured it must be the valve. When I pumped the tire with a hand pump, air was coming from the valve stem area.
    What bothers me is that there was a slow leak when I bought the bike (CRF250M) new in August '13. I kept the pressure up by checking once a week. At 6,000 km I changed the stock IRC to Michelins and had new tubes installed. 10,000 km later I had a slow leak again. Tire pressure would go from 30 PSI to 24 within a week. Couldn't have anything to do with a 140 instead of 130 rear tire?
    Today I ordered the third tube within 14 months/18,000 km. It takes ten days for the tube to arrive down here, then I have to take the bike in for a change.
    It's the same with the two Nouvo 135 I have; the one with mags doesn't need much air, only once a month. The one with spokes/tubes needs some air about every time I get gas - every 150km!
    Are there any high quality tubes I can order for the 250M?
    My next bike will definitely have mags!
  2. X 2 !!! Would like to do that on my next tire replacement up front.
  3. I am changing to aluminium spoked (17") rims on my Dyna simply for the reduced weight. The increased tire choices are a bonous.
    Not only is the rim lighter, but the weight reduction is at the outside of the rim, making it "feel lighter" at speed

    The Outrex sealing kit is an attempt to get around the drawback of running tubes - more weight, heat, and puncture prone.

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