My October tour 18-29 2010 Mae Chaem to CNX

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  1. Day 7

    So nex morning heading to Breaky with David to navarurin resort or something like that

    Like David explains in his post
    Whole town was with out power so after waited,,,,for a while got slim breaky and off we went looking for thos twin efelants,,,best place to find info is police station,, and try to NOT scare polleece,,as 2 big farang come in same time...

    Well like explained by David,, those cuties(Efelants) where bit harder to find than Gender Bender explains last nite, so we desided to head to CNX
    it was really nice and green all over the place
    GT Rider DINNER group photo :lol-sign: any idea what David is doing???

    They grow lots and lots Gabages here..( I think they where)

    As always here, the sceeny for Isaan person like me, it's alway worth to see,, i just get enough of the mountai views and roads

    Then we whent to this national park and saw this sign
    hopefully they mean that shooting others is not allowed

    That was kind of neat place as i have driven pass it many times not knowing that there is this kind of place
    How old is this tree?

    went to inside info center and there is lot of info abt the place and surrounding areas
    as i'm bit weird person,,, i could not resist to take photo of this Licking oppoturnity,, but not my favorate to lick any how,,,,

    OK that was the ride and then in the evenig i got call around 10pm from David that he has found two guys who wanna ride with me next day to Nan,,that famos road what Ben found..
    well i took off from Euro diner to Kafe and there was one Thai and one huge farang, Ta & Dave, Ta first time rider after his FINO got him self 1200GS,, just a little upgare from FINO or what ya think?
    and Dave rode 800GS, both Brand new bikes,,,more abt them and me on my next eposode,,

    it good to fininsh this episo to this very weird picture
    i had with me for this trip, riding boots, and 2 pair of flip flops and BOTH of them last until CNX,,,
  2. This is how Chinese invented their script, more than 3 millenniums ago ... and now they spend half their life to learn it. Let's hope that visitors to the park get it faster :)! At least it can be misunderstood in any language.

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