My October tour 18-29 2010 Mae Sot to MHS

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  1. Day 5

    After well rested, wake up was 6am and sharp as a needle 0626am for Breky in our regular place opposite of the hotel

    My regual minimum of 2 large cups of coffee and this time ONLY 1 set of breafast
    that was 150thb. thewn ready to long day in MHS loop,, took 100 pictures again, but dont worry im not gonna put all them here,, only selected few,,
    all the pictures are gonna be available in my photobucket and i will put link in to my LAST day report,,,so if yu wish to see or donw load any of the 626 pictures then stay tuned,,,, :lol-sign:

    It looked again bit that it's gonna wash me out,, but lets keep toes croosed that i will stay dry

    There is nothing better to see than sunrice and it feels very nice especially in the cold morning,, it was only 23cel that morning but with the wind, it felt colder

    Was i hoping too soon? fog,,, and fog means cold and maybe rain also

    Forest was lucky again,, no rain

    one i reach firs refugee camps i passed way too fast lady who was carrying Car battery top of her head,,and that looks funny and as we all know those and NOT light,,,
    also there was lots of activity again near by,,

    Doggies have they little morning play also

    and this lady keeps her hands free

    then i came across my actual first efelant on the road,,i mean i dont account those who are beggin food in towns or zoo's,,but actual working efelant,, and this was not tiny,,

    Check point where unusually tight and they actuall looked inside the car and what they where trasporting

    one of the cloasest road section what runs paralell with borader river

    stopped in our regular coffee stops around half way,,,

    all the days riding today, no other bikes at all,, so road was for MEEEEEE only and hardly any cars either,,what was good as you can see road conditions little bit future

    Those clowds again,, rain or no rain??

    this waterfall was just beside the road and i have not seen it before

    I mean MHS road is fantastic to ride

    Until it turn to like this

    but how ever the road is i love to ride it,,

    Last year we met bunch of germanice people in this bridge but now it was all for me and river had guite flow of muddy water,

    in this point i have to say i have met only handfull of cars and like said no bikes at all,, it was amazing

    rached Mae Sariang and thought as i have ONLY got 1 break fast this morning i should get an other as North point GH has nice breaky so off i went to there,,
    i sat and sat and sat,, rang the bell on the counter and NO ONE cme to resve me,,, i must sat there abt 10min and waited,,so i got fed up and left, went to other side of the road as there was breaky also and ordered from there,, then i went back to move my bike to other restaurant and same time lady came there and she did not look happy as left,,but hey,, no service no money,

    Left Mae Sariang and almost immediately road turn bad again,,,
    they will have lot's of road construcktion ahead,,,


    But it was not all that bad,,there was more good parts than bad,,

    then reached Khun Yuam and Colins 7-11 stop
    i actually stopped more in PTT's and 7-11 and amazons on this trip than any other,, got some pies frm 7 and went to get coffee from Amazon, good combination

    Even in the wet raods rain was head of me and i stay dry all day long

    then reached MHS and Piay GH, nice lovely place with nice bungalows and lady remember me as well what is funny as i never stayed there before only 1 time asked if hse has rooms available and that time she was full,, but David. U. she of course remember,,,,

    Then shower and small dinner in Cross roads,,, btw, no GTR discount there even they have sticker there,,,when asked guy just smile and say nothing,,,,

    after dinner few more breews in Sunflower and then i thought that i might get snack and went to Meeting place, lady said NO MEAT in her place,,,cook has took own holiday, so i took Chang,, what they have BUT when i wanted to get an other Chang,, she did not have any more,,, that is odd so i paid and went back to Sunflower and lister live band and took few more breews, then early sleep 11Pm

    BUT before few pictures from nice rooms what Piay has
    and yes they have BBC and CNN if some one is intrested

    has any one saw these kind of water heaters before
    i mean HOW safe use of LPG is in the house hold if some one knows,,, what will happen if the clamp get loose and it will start to leaking to the room?
    as im not familiar of LPG

    That was the Trip today and it was all fun,, tomorrow i meet ALL GT riders for dinner and looking forward to see all my friends..
  2. Marco that road is a potholed lot, lucky you didn't go down in one on these holes..... :clap:
    But now it should be dry and the 'orange guys' will soon start and repair that one I hope.
    Lucky you were also with the rain as on some fotos it looked like it but actually tarmac on the pictures was always dry..... :smile1:
    Gas-water heaters are very common up North and I like them as they get real hot water done immediately, the electric ones, once the groundwater or water from the tank starts cooling down to 18'C then what comes out is not more than 25'C which is too cold in the coming cold season.....and it only starts warming up after you have wasted several kW already.........
    BTW I saw "Ei Hua Laahn's" :wtf: post. Sober you say :crazy: ??? I think you need to read again or glasses........... :angel:
    Cheers, Franz
  3. Good one Buddy. Its great to see these trip reports on the roads we've ridden before and try to remember the parts of the road you captured. Love it.

    Looks like Piya GH has done up the rooms. Looks good.

    What the hell is Franzy Baby on about??? Is he judging me by his own standards again?? You remember his standards don't you?
    "Persistently sets himself very low standards and consistently fails to achieve them."

    Looking forward to the next one.
  4. I also love these morning fogs, more on pictures than on my glasses. Great atmosphere.

    The refugee camp, with the narrow build houses, affords a romantic view, different from the plight of the displaced Karens who wait there for better days. You are right Marco, it is worth to slow down and at least smile to the children.
  5. Hi Marco
    I am a new member here, but actually have been looking at this forum for years getting great info about the routes around north of Thailand. However I am an avid touring driver, never having ventured to motorbike realm as yet !
    I hope you can give me some advice about the road condition from mae sot to mae sariang as I plan to drive there within the next couple of weeks. My car has a pretty low ground clearance and stiff suspension but loves the twists of MHS.
    Do you think it is worthwhile to try this route ?
    Thanks very much for your advice.
  6. Hi Peak

    No problem what so ever from Mae Sot to Mae sariang, nice smooth ride nothing to worry, just go ahead
  7. That's good news, thank you very much.
    Peak :thumbup:
  8. Great post Marco; your pictures of the 105 have been my 'go to' thread several times now when talking about this route.

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