My October tour 18-29 2010 MHS To Mae Chaem

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    Day 6

    Nice laid back morning today in weather was again good to me,, wanted to take breaky in our regular join what has moved behind Cross roads to the lake side and is not located just after SunFlower restaurant and called SALEEM, man that breaky is onee of the biggers and bread is totally fantastic,, i usually eat 2 set just to make sure i can survive until lunch,, BUT IT WAS CLOSED....darn

    So i headed to Hotel what name of course i cant remember, but it's located on the junction of Post Office
    2 coffee's and medium breaky 130thb,,,
    then i was thinking as im here why not going to hill side temple and as i remember they had this
    road sign what has been removed now,, i thought it wud be good idea to have picture taken up there, so simple Sunset coffee joint picture now only

    and after that mandatory Temple stop and donation for Simon and TJ trees, TJ's tree did not look healthy,,

    then back to room and slow space packing and heading to GTR DINNER,, i really looking to see ALL the guys and have party,,lol
    weather was little bit worrying this time as in the morning when i woke up at 6am it was raining but later it stopped,,,

    Nooooo,, it dont look good,, shite,, this is not gonna be fun if it's start to rain,,, that is one of the most shitiest time for me riding on the moutains when it rains,,, this fat lady will slipping as hell

    and YES,,not it happen RAIN RAIN RAIN,,

    Wets on

    and again after i gone through hard work and put wets on,, after 5min rain stops,,,, nice of course but darn stop again and take rains of as they are HOT,,
    Tha was just befor i reached Khun Yam again as i need to deset back to there and then turn left to Mae Chaem.
    This is firt time for me riding RD 1263(Hey Dougal,, i start to learn road numbers now,,, :clap: )
    Man that road is nice and it is twisty as hell
    and i gonna say, view points are every where,, my head was looking every other direction than forward where i should look,, i was really impressed of it
    its so green and the smell of trees remind me of forest in Finland
    It was dripping down most of the morning but nothing i should call rain and it did not effect of riding at all

    Little one handed ride and picture of rear view

    like said earlier, it was very sceenic ride and man i was clicking phots again

    Talking abt how twisty it is here is picture from my GPS
    there was 180;s constantly and in up and downs,, recomended to ride and hardly no traffic again

    Top of the first hill there was this sceenic stop

    and the road what lies ahead and waiting for me

    My Buss is getting dirtier every day,, but hey it's a riding tool and no need to shine all the time,,,

    This is what i dont understand and mostlikely never will either
    WHY thais are destroying and polluting every since view point with all kind of garbage and plastic bottles all over,,,i mean such a nice place to stop and have mice brake and what is waiting for us,, bump yard
    I finished my water in there and kept my plastic bottle in my banniers as there was no garba bin,,,

    OK, enough of that and back to VIEW'S
    no one cant say that it is not nice view there.

    now i MADE it, im in Mae Chaem,, BUT where is every one else???
    i head to FINNISH Resort and try to call David,U,,,,, No answer so i assume he is still riding,, so it was coffee time for me
    and sightseen

    They have nice pool but hell no i ait dipping my self on these frocen weather in there,, i ain't polar bear any more
    and i was lucky,, i got 2 rainbows in 1 shot

    Then HEY,,My phone ran just after 3pm,, Fearless leader is calling,, hey man watch up,, and i can say his voice did not sound happy at all,,,parently it has been long night last nite and he is talking a nap,, and also heard that GTR DINNER group has chrank to 2 participants,, ME and David,, waaaaat??? where is famous big roupd of GT riders whom i saw in all the photos and every one smiling and having good time??? what happen?? scared of little rain? i rode mre than 1000KM for this and see all of you guys????
    of well i know Families, and other excusess are there always,,, LOL

    any how,
    I need to find place to stay so i asked Leader to his guidance and he point me to this nice resort
    all 300thb rooms where booked by BKK peopl but he offer me 700thb bungalow,, i said no, i have only 500 for it and he said no,, so then he said 600 and i said yes,, Is this country wonderfull where one can even bargain for the resort room prices,,,,LOL
    so i got my OWN house
    man, when i went to inside that house it was dark as [email protected]#%*r's arce, not that i have experienced that before
    as it did not have windows, just moskito net and doors close and aircon on, it was dar and took abt 20min to my eyes get use to it..

    Then after shower and fresh up it was time to meet the "GANG" of thursty GT Riders for happy hr.. well i called fearless leader again and aske where is that joint and it wsa front of the Poilce station,, well i can find that no worries,,
    and ofcourse i was in the wrong joint,, but hey good point was that i met one other farang,, one sweding guy with CICYCLE,, with out brakes and he was ring up and down in moutains,,,
    HEy talking about Sweden,,, JOKE TIME,, Do you know WHAT Sweden HAS, what FINLAND DONT Have???? GOOD NEIGHBOURS :take-that:

    ok ok,, back to riding again,,
    So i was of course in wrong joint,, but just a margin,, after heading to right place what was really nice place and boss lady speaks very good english as well,,,
    I did not took many pictures of that night but as David been David, he head off to chat with gals and got they facebook address, darn that town has some amasing looking garls and more flow in from BKK as david mentioned in the other post

    So as there was such a HUGE turn out for the dinner we must order the food for every one
    and i was stuffed,,good food, happy rider,,

    HAVE I SEEN this kind of photos in some "other" topic before?
    IMG_6601-1. DSC05898.

    That ws the end of that night for me as i wsa so full that i hardly could walk and only 2 Chang that dinner time,,, what has come in to me now???
    any how exelent dinner, Good company, what else one can ask,, Thank you David,,,,

    just one finla check that bike was ok fromt of my house
    and sleeping time

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