My October tour 18-29 2010 Phetchabun to Loei and back

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  1. Marco

    Marco Ol'Timer

    Day 3

    After howling last night and me and Reinhards talk until 2am on the hotels bar was time for breky and do some nice Phetchabun to Loei and back loop

    Bikes are ready

    we had nice plan laid to us and weather was again fantastic, so off we went
    there was minor hick up one of our bike at the morning as Dear old Virago refuce to start and Reinhard almost back off,, but HEY, what all good palls do when one is down,, we push and of course she started and we only took intial 20thb per person fee, what Reinhard did not mind,,

    Then ones on the road, my bike did not feel good from front tyre and in the Lom sak we made brief pit stop so i check tyre preasure as it was wobbely,,and yes tyre preasure was bit down so filled in and Tony asked me when i check my preasure last time as i might have small leak as i did not feel vibaration yesterday,, i answer that April i check it last time,, HEY,, itäs a bike and tyres suppose to keep air inside,, im not that keen to check it all the time,, :crazy:

    Well lesson learned again,, check the preasure all the time when leaving ffor long distance riding,,
    so all where good from there on and we continue BUT hey,, reinhards bike,,,need a push,,,shite,, but in some reasson Tony wanted to try if she will start and VOILA, she did fire up immediately... but now we did not get 20thn for pushing it,,, darn,,, :evil:

    Today was one of those days when i did not took many pictures but here is few from scinic road

    Then just before Loei we stop for mandatory Group photo
    In some how all bikes where parked from right to left, biggest to smallest,, with out us even knowing it....
    My Lt 1200, Tonys SUZI 1000, Reinhards Virago 750 and Daves Ninja 250,,, funny thou...

    And ofcourse some intelligent conversations

    Desided to hear Kings Hotel's restaurant Can Can for a lunch
    they have put cones for recerve us for paking place,, thats what i call good service...5555

    After filling lunch,,(I took Gordon Blöö,, written in Finnish way,,5555) with full stomach and tony filling him self with Pills,,he is getting cold in this stage already

    Mater in action

    and then i did something completely oth of my caracter after seeing 3 little monks in the pick up car blasting abt 150kmh (they where hury to get heaven sooner,,,) so i speeded up and bit over 160Kmh managed to drop them off as pick up car stuck in the traffic
    so me and tony waited reinhard

    Ones back in Hotel we helped Allan to dismantle his forks so it will be easier to trasport back home

    and tony found his NEW bike,, Uni Cyckle

    final group photo
    as tomorrow morning every one will go different ways,, Dave has gone already this time,, did not even have a change to say bye bye to the man,,

    So tomorrow Me and Reinhard will ride together until phitanulok and from there he will get back home and i will continue to Tak and over night in to Mae Sot D.K Hotel

    Until then...
    next episode is under North thailand road tip reports (this is for those who are looking this from my FB side as they are not GT members)
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  3. Franz

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    Marco, nice one with Tony on the 1-wheeled bike, what does he use as brakepads, not his nu.. :crazy: :lol: .555555.....await your next report......cheers, Franz
  4. Marco

    Marco Ol'Timer


    I think tony is looking for "Options" to modify that so his [email protected]#S are safe..

    Look his foot wear and there you see exelent pair of brake pads,,,lol
  5. mbox999

    mbox999 Ol'Timer

    Tony tested the new "Ball Brakes System" ( not "ABS" but the,much more advanced "BBS") on the 1-wheeler...according to his Face ( smile) it seems to work very well :mrgreen:

  6. johngooding

    johngooding Ol'Timer

    Hi Marco,
    Just to let you know that the tyre pressure was checked in the middle of May, before the journey back to your house. And as I recall it was low then as well.
    Thanks for another entertaining report. John
  7. Marco

    Marco Ol'Timer

    Thanx John for "correction",, i did not know that, but it was long time ago any how,,, should check bacically every time when going to ride,,,,
    but when i re-balance my front in CM, there was no leak at all,but tyre wa way off balance
  8. Dougal

    Dougal Ol'Timer

    Lets see now.......................has been known to ride on bald tyres...................wrong size tyres....................does'nt check air pressures in tyres...................has problems doing u-turns.......................piss poor parking techniques on steep twisty mountain roads.......................takes photos with 2 hands whilst driving...........................Hmmmmmm

    OK we've got two options here:
    1. Someone recently posted that they're doing big bike rider training in CNX.
    2. Get a chauffeur.

    Great report and pics Buddy. Wish I was with you. Keep em coming.
  9. Marco

    Marco Ol'Timer

    Hey Duuude,, where u been,, looking for man named "Charlie" in the jungle?????

    life is fantastic isn't and riding with me,, NEVER booring,, as never knows what will happen in the next corner 5555555

    BIG bike rider training??? who the hell needs that,, because then we would be out of bounds in Thai roads,, as NO ONE knows how to ride safely here,, am i rite or am i rite??
    No helmets,,,,,,,Illegal U turns,,,, croossing and turning front of moving cars and fellow speeding bikes.....riding agains up coming traffic,,, i mean that is training enough to avoid all that and stay alive on the road,, that is best obsticle training course on the planet...

    Dude,, wish you wud be here we had always blast,,but next time u are here give me a ADVANCE warning so i can plan ride to you,, i (And Franz) HOPE that you KNOW what ADVANCE info MEANS.....

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