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  1. Dave, I know this is not what this forum is about but I was looking through some photos I have available of my old bikes and felt like sharing. So WTF here are some of my old and new bikes.

    These are my old brit bikes I sold a couple of years ago.


    That thare is a Levis Popular of around 1921


    That is an AJS 350 side valve of c1930 vintage. A beautiful bike.


    A 2002 Bonneville turned into a Cafe Racer before the Thruxton.


    My first barn find. A 1964 G12 Matchless I found and restored. It was an ex Australian Police bike.


    Oh and thats RH's first Chinese bike.. Ho Hum.. What can i say.
  2. Hey are you ragging on my Chinese bike ??? Have to admit my bike is in some pretty sharp company there !!
  3. Nice collection Craypot. what are u riding now
  4. I always had a soft spot for the Matchless with their little rubber knee pads although unfortunately never owned one. A friend owned a single cylinder can't remember if it was 350 or 500cc but it was a terror to start and if you didn't get it right it would toss you over the handlebars or break your leg. No decompression that I recall.
    Btw. Is there any significance that in your lineup of classy machines the Chinese one is the only one chained down ?
  5. A tip of the hat to you Craypot. Those slidevalved AJS's are a thing of beauty.

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