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Discussion in 'Eastern Thailand - General Discussion Forum' started by kerryd, May 14, 2008.

  1. kerryd

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    My (almost) new Harley that I bought in April. Anniversary Edition 2003 Heritage Softail.
    I was only able to put about 1,000 kms on it before having to get back to working for living. :(
    But it will be there waiting for me when I get back (with a few modifications completed all going well) !

    Hanging outside EasyRiders Bar in Pattaya with the Python MC
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  3. Ian Bungy

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    Nice Bike Kerryd,
    What Modifications are you doing to it and Who is doing them?
    Hoghead and Mike (Richco Powdercoating's Father) seem to be the Resident Harley Experts up here and i can vouch for Hogheads one, It is really quite Fast. At the moment he is giving it another Total Rebuild for No other Reason than He Can :wink: On your other Post you mention Wranglers and i have had some Good Reports about them and were always helpful the Times i have been there. Tom Rossetti down there Swears by them. All the Best.
  4. kerryd

    kerryd Member

    How's it going ?

    The mods I'm having done are very basic.
    A Fat Boy style crash bar.
    New front brake cable.
    Rear foot boards.
    Replacing the rear seat and back rest with the same style as the seat/saddlebags so it all matches.
    White wall tires.
    (maybe) new pipes. Not straight pipes, but something with a bit more rumble (unlike some of my friends that set off car alarms as they drive by).

    The work is being done at a Thai shop by Min. My buddy will take the bike in when the parts are there, and bring it home when the work is done (just to make sure no one "borrows" it for a road trip or two). :roll:

    I've got a couple months before I'm back home, so even if it takes Min a while to get the parts and do the work, it should be good to go by the time I'm back.

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