My three month adventure

Nov 7, 2006
I've been browsing the board for a couple of weeks now and thought I may as well ask you old hats for some advice.

I'm planning on leaving Australia (Gold Coast) for a three month rampage into the unknown. I'm young (22), full of enthusiam and looking for adventure. I plan to have AUD$12,00 (USD$9,321) by the time I leave... hoping that will be enough to secure me over the three months I plan on travelling.

Unless I'm told otherwise, I think my best bet is buy a motorbike in Thailand and ride on through Cambodia, Vietnam and possibly China depending on how I find it (read: money).

I'll be the first to tell you I have no idea what the hell I'm doing. I've literally only got a year's experience on a suzuki DL650 and although I feel fairly confident, I don't know where to start organising this trip.

Where should I go? What bike should I buy? Is travelling alone going to be a major problem?

Any advice, no matter your experience is more than appreciated!

Many Thanks,



Talk to Suzukiluke who is 23 and then do the EXACT OPPOSITE of whatever he recommends (kidding you Luke mate!)

Seriously, welcome to the board and I reckon your best bet is to fly from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, buy all the local riders loads of beer (approx 1,000 $AUD should cover that!) and suss it out "on the fly", regarding both suitable bikes and planned routes e.t.c. Cheap as chips to live & ride here but if your idea of "riding" extends to more than bikes, then it can get expensive - so I've been told! ;-)

BTW, bring some decent riding kit with you - not leathers but mesh/textile jacket, gloves and a reasonable helmet.