My Tiger Boxer 250RS got a new Seat

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  1. Having done in total about 9000 km on the tiger boxer 250rs and a iron butt over 1011km i can't say that the original seat of my tiger boxer was bad ...(this to point out was the second generation seat - first generation seat on the boxer was a "ballbreaker")
    But i wanted to have the front a slight bit wider and flater...for a 90kg farang arse :)

    Total cost of this change was 200THB at a local shop here in nakhonsawan. What the guy did was really nice although his shop looked like an area after a bomb blasted...






  2. It sure looks nice. How does it feel. If you remember the seat was the only thing that i could find that was BAD on the demo bike i rode up to Khon Kaen. I much prefer your light set up as well. BUt MOVE that tax paper its Ugly. Allan
  3. The Seat feels great so far- but i still need to drive over longer distance to see/feel more ... i think you rode the 1st generation Boxer's ballbraker seat to khon kaen...the second generation was a lot better.

    hmm you're right about the bloody tax sticker where to put it then????
  4. Wrap it around the upper fork tubes like my neighbourhood police man does on his Boxer.
  5. Nice looking bike, what's the top and cruising speeds ?

    Think I'd get the tax sticker laminated and mount it beneath the number plate.
  6. Thanks Fishenough & penetrator,

    I think the tax sticker really doesn't look nice anywhere on any bike but i like both the fork and the one beneath the nr plate...does it actually have to be kept visible at all?
    I could just place it under the tankbag which i keep on most of the time anyways.

    Top speed gps verified was 135km/h i was then a 100 kg and had a load of stuff in my Topbox , so i guess if you're lighter and no extra load you can go faster....
    cruising speed is somewhere between 110-115 km/h if i am in a hurry a 120-125km/h.
    here is some more info:

  7. A real nice bike that some of us should give a thought ! What else did you fit as aftermarket parts ? Are the rear shocks original, windscreen ?
    How far can you go on one tank ? How many liters in there ? This bike starts to get my interest...... :lol: cheers, Franz
  8. Hi Franz,

    The Bike what i posted here is the Tiger Boxer 250RS i have a few things on this bike which makes it somewhat special . Those things are: Digital Speedo (its from the sachs x-road digital speedo) console case( its from a cagiva F4 which was the predecessor of the Tiger Boxer) , Head light ( comes from the kawasaki vector- tiger used to be a kawa factory until '97 models like the gto where built there) this extras are currently not available on order, but may well be depending on the feedbacks that are collected , so far it has been very good.

    What accessories that are available and mounted are windshield , rack for topcase mount, kickstarter(free) , wider Dunlop radials

    Other accesories not available from tiger. I added a wider handlebar and a strap-on tankbag ( cortech from ebay- tank is not able to hold magnetic tankbags)

    I add here another picture how the bike looked when i first got it(on my first ride) and the added topbox ( i am on my second topbox now the first bloody thing fell off while riding :shock: - both topboxes are not coming from tiger but where bought by me on some chines junk shop...and thats what i precisely got:) )

    You can also find more specs here

    We have also a forum regarding tiger and sachs bikes there...but actually any bikers are welcome to post whatever they feel like...

    With the current setup the bike did cost 80000 thb ...without windshield , rack , dunlops the basic price is 72000thb , and it's a legal bike
    :) with 3 years or 30000 km guarantee:D

    hope that helps




  9. Oops, forgot to answer some questions tank is 12,5 ltr and 1 ltr takes you 33-35 km ( i honestly didn't check for a while now so this as far as i could remember) - the bike trubns also great on E20 ...rear shock are original , same as the tsukigi racing stainless steel exhaust.

    Want to test this bike? something similar the BiB (with 200 cc engine) are riding around so maybe you can ask someone to take it for a spin , other you can check the bkk showroom from tiger or the factory in samut prakarn has also bikes there for test ( make appointment)
  10. Hi mbox999, thanks for all the info, must admit with your modifications this bike really will turn some heads. Will try to get one friend of mine letting me have a go on his 250, would be a nice one for town's business. Cheers & have much fun with the 'Tiger's', F
  11. Hi franz,
    Yes, try it out you'll be surprised how nice it goes- i tried it and ordered it shortly step from a invoiced vmax 1200 to a legal 250 Tiger Boxer was certainly steep, but i drive now more than before ...recently done a iron butt for 1011km/day on it...
    one more thing i added is a red o-ring chain the original was ok but stretched a bit ...and the red one looks much "faster" :D
  12. Hi Captain,

    In chaing Mai you have 2 dealers for Tiger they are found on this page:
    you can also buy them online it's as directly from factory here:

    If you get one let me know and join our tiger sachs club too...would like to get a nice bunch of bikers from tiger and sachs bikes ( and ,of course, other brands too) .

  13. Isn't the Tiger place in CM the place up toward the railway station over the river? They do Kawis and other stuff as well. The Boxer looks amazing for those kind of prices.... And given its the police bike (like the old GTO which I took all through Laos, Cambodia and Thailand a few years ago), mechanics and parts will be everywhere. Didn't even know there was 250cc..... I have had a Tiger Joker step through for years and its still working. The Boxer is definately worth some thought. Under 90,000 baht?.... Things are looking up for the poor!
  14. Re Tax Stickers.
    The official line is that it must be displayed, but kept safe under the seat is probably OK in practice unless the BIB are having a really bad month.
    I stick mine facing forward low down on the windshield. It is then clearly visible when I am pulled over and less of a bother than digging under the seat.
  15. Hi John, thanks i did put the taxsticker now under the tankbag...which can be easily released and looked under.
    looks like this now without that ugly sticker:

    did a ride yesterday to make a little video and here is what&how i mounted it(its a waterproof Fuji 10mp digital camera mounted on a universal mount gps holder from ebay for 13 usd and i mounted it on the right side indicator):

  16. To all the prior listed accessoirs i forgot to mention that the indicator are also different...reason for that is in the original headlight the indicators are integrated in the little bikini fairing, and also i like the look of seperate indicators , a more "naked bike" look....yep, i like to ride all kind of bikes but deep inside i am a "naked biker" :D
  17. Hi dan, I found this 2 google map markers and hope this is actually the correct location? If you check the place and find that the one on the google map are in fact matching please let me know . I would than add it onto the tiger sachs website location.
    Also , it is often that tiger is sold at dealers that sell another Brand, here in nakhonsawan it is Kawasaki , which may have something to do that Tiger used to be Thai Kawasaki until '97.But don't be irritated/confused by that and simply walk in and check- tiger's visual presence isn't really that great
    hope that helps,

    location 1:,98.999434&spn=0.039082,0.077162&z=14&iwloc=lyrftr:msid:103123673807285494411.0004624feb401af10e332,00046bba0844b6831ca8c,18.796468,98.996859,0,-32

    location 2:,99.002094&spn=0.039083,0.077162&z=14&iwloc=lyrftr:msid:103123673807285494411.0004624feb401af10e332,00046b806ca1f23277f34,18.785661,99.014196,0,-32[/url]
  18. I really wonder and would like to get this officially cleared as year or so go NEW law came in to force that Tax Stikker is NO longer need to be displayed in the widshield in the car's, but if asked by BIB tax paper must be provided and show to them that tax has been paid.

    I do have my tax sticker displayed in the bike and cars still.
    I will have to do the trip to Trasportation office one day and asked from them regarding bikes...
  19. I rode 1200 miles in one day recently between Malaga in Spain and St. Malo in France in an around Europe and Africa trip that took me over 5000 miles in just over a month. Now, the trick is to ride so far, you begin to stop ctying. Your arse can no longer feel anything. It's all in the mind!

    I rest my arse! :D
  20. Hello Mbox... You mention 'Wider Dunlops' in your list of upgrades... You wouldn't happen to remember the exact sizes of the new tires would you? Did you have any trouble with them since you mounted them... etc.? I would really appreciate the info... Thanks!
  21. Just saw your post ....the Dunlop Arrowmax rear tire was 120/80 and the front tire was a 100/80 . Tiger had to make an adjustment prior to fitting the 120/80 rear ...but i didn't have any problems at alll with the tires.

  22. I can't thank you enough Mbox. You saved me much time and trouble. I stowed the tire info and will mount them as soon as the current skins begin to show some wear. I think I may opt for Dunlop Elites if I can get them because they are phenomenal rain tires and that is a huge consideration in Thailand. But the size info was invaluable. What are your thoughts on the Dunlop Arrowmax for rain use? I owe you...
  23. The Arrowmax were doing pretty fine in rain.... although my Boxer had 120/80 at rear, the usual "bigger"tire was the 110/80 which i believe was possible to be mount without modifications.
  24. Hello again Mbox... Do you happen to know what the 'adjustment' to the rear was? Something must have been adjusted for clearance but for the life of me I can't think of what it might have been... By the way I decided to redo my seat. I want less and firmer padding and as close to a flat surface as possible. The current seat has my weight transferring towards the tank. Think I might go for genuine leather too. Will find out tomorrow...

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