My Triumph Tiger

Sep 19, 2006
I had a couple of people ask me about my Triumph Tiger and as there are so few of them in Thailand at this stage i thought i would post the latest on My Bike. I Picked it up New in November and since then i have fitted the Following accessories, i will also add where I Brought them:
Triumph Centre Stand. ( Free from Triumph)
Triumph Tailpack 27 litres ( Free from Triumph )
Powerlet Socket for my GPS.
Twin Bosch Electric Horns. local supplier.
Front & Rear Axle Sliders.
GSG-Moto Framesliders, I had the Mounting Brackets powdercoated Black to match the Bike. Great Job by Richco Powdercoating.
GSG-Moto Motor Protector. These products from:
ThunderBikes from Nelson New Zealand supplied the following:
Performance Muffler.
Intake Modification Kit.
Radiator & Oil Cooler Guard.
Computer Remap / Upgrade from Britbikes Bangkok.
I gave a minor adjustment to the suspension, Small twist making the Front firmer and Rear softer but hardly noticeable.
Dyno Testing on a Standard Tiger has 107.66 Bhp to the Rear Wheel.
After adding the ThunderBike Extras
Dyno Testing has it now running at 120.41 Bhp to the Rear Wheel. :D
This info is supplied by them and i believe it!!! I was very surprised by the Increase in Performance. It will easily lift the front wheel in 1st & 2nd with Power, coming on Hard all the way to the Rev Limiter!!! :twisted:
I have never tried it out fully but have hit 235kmh, that was before the Mods so i am Guessing it would be Good for 245kmh on a clear Road. :shock: Have to wait and See. Take a look at some of the Web Sites as there is some really Good Gear for Loads of Bikes and their Riders. By the way up to today i have done 6813 km on it no problem. Went to Pattaya Bike week (weekend) on the latest Ride. Here are a few Photo's of the Bike:




Jun 28, 2007
Ian, your bike is really a kind of a 'superbike' with all the modifications done, what I was most surprised was the immediate response from the throttle which I not even experienced with my fromer Hondas and Yamahas; not to talk about cars. Anybody interested in the TIGER, it's as good as it can get here in LOS, just now you don't have any better choice than this one.....


Mar 5, 2006
Great Bike and very sensible mods.
Cannot wait to see it with powdercoated rims and ceramic coated pipe!
It's just crying out for the All Black makeover...

What about the trip report of the ride [how many hours?] and Pattaya bike week???
Sep 19, 2006
No Yamaha's available when i got the Triumph. The Tiger is a Excellent Bike for Thailand. The Fazer is a bit more Hard Core but still an Excellent Bike. I make do with what i Have so very Happy :D But My Next Bike will be a Yamaha 8) As soon as their Dirt Bikes become available!!! I have Owned 6 Yamaha's and all were Fantastic. Still have a TTR and that goes great as well :wink:
Oct 17, 2006
Triumph triples are wonderful engines , wait till they make a baby tiger675 it will sell shedloads.
Oct 12, 2005
Good on you Ian for letting the Tiger breathe. Glad to see you're enjoying it!!!! 235km per hour :D , you'll be ringing Luke up soon for a thrash on the road to Lampang.

Glad to see you're happy with the Tiger and can't wait to see you on a Yamaha WR450 :shock: !! I reckon you'll be four feet in the air on the WR450 when you fly off the road the next time like you did on the MHS dirt ride on the Pantera :shock: .