My wife wants a GPS ?

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  1. we are in Uk , and my wife wants a GPS which model will work in Thailand and where can I buy Thai maps for it . The GPS is cheap here car models.
  2. Read the other posts in this topic. How many times and ways can the same questions be answered?
  3. Just a quick note. In case she wants to use the GPS mainly in Thailand go for a Garmin GPS as there are no maps for Thailand for the Tom-Tom, etc.

    If for use in the car and mainly to find a place, a Nuvi would be good, as it has a largish screen and voice commands.

    The Thai map can be bought or downloaded from other sources - see the message from yesterday by Silverhawk on cheaper maps.
  4. I can get the NUVI 205 widescreen in UK for 4500 Baht so if i can get the Thai map software cheap it will be good as the map in Thailand is 7000 and the NUVI with map is 14400.
  5. I can get the NUVI 205 widescreen in UK for 4500 Baht so if i can get the Thai map software cheap it will be good as the map in Thailand is 7000 and the NUVI with map is 14400.

    However Gadget trend have told my wife that the Garmin map is map only with no Audio instructions or guide unlike the European map which tells you where to go as you drive.

    Is This true?
  6. Not true. It would make no sense for Garmin to offer a map to use with their GPS that does not fully function with their product.
  7. As Silverhawk indicates, the ESRI map for Thailand has voice prompts and you can select the language like Thai, English and a myriad of other languages.
  8. I have the Nuvi 200W (predessor of 205W) in my Honda City; The Garmin Thai map (v8.0) and (v8.1) and both work like a champ in my Nuvi's, Zumo's and Oregon Handheld.

    As mentioned there a several threads that have good info on the maps and acquiring them. Just make sure that whenyou plug the SD card with map image into the Nuvi that you go into the setup and select maps and enable the Thai map just to make sure that it is good to go.
  9. I bought a Nuvi200w today for £79 (4000 baht) with UK and EU maps and ordered an online Thai map cost £39 (2000baht)

    hopwe my wife will be able to find her way around now because she still cannot read maps after 13 years of me teaching her.

    cheers jerry
  10. Ah a problem the Nuvi 200 is working like a dream on UK maps but when i load Thai map noyhing happens it stays on UK only even in simulation mode .... ????
    I have garmin Version9 thai streetmap loaded ??? by USB direct into NUVI memory
  11. Hi Jerry,

    Just go at Fortune Tower in BKK and/or/or Pantip and they will fix the issue which is in fact very easy.

    My GARMIN are working very well in Thai (NUVI) and HTC phones loaded with Thai maps...No reason why it should not work.[/u]
  12. Make sure that you load the Thai map in the Garmin directory/folder either in the Nuvi memory or on the SD card.

    However, the EU/UK maps are also in the Garmin directory/folder in the Nuvi memory probably named as gmapprom.img. In case the EU/UK map is named gmapsupp.img you will have to be careful not to overwrite it with the Thailand map which is also called gmapsupp.img.

    In that case you can create a Garmin directory/folder on the SD card and store the Thailand map on the SD card.
  13. I will load the map to an SD card I did put it in the Garmin directory but nothing happened so i deleted it and the UK stuff is working fine.As AUKE saYS ITS FILE NAME IS NOT THE SAME AS uk MAPS.
  14. I loaded the Thailand map onto SD adapter chip but when loaded into NUVI nothing happens it carries on with UK maps and that it I am confused as The Nuvi does not even seem to register the SD adapter?????
  15. OK I see what the problem is the Thai maps in the SD adapter are locked so the NUVI wont read it now I have to find out how to unlock it ...diiirrrrr
  16. In case the Thailand ESRI map you bought came on an SD card, than the map is most probably locked to that particular SD card or with other words the map will only show when you put that SD card in the Nuvi.
  17. Hello Everyone! My first post in this forums :)

    The Thai map comes only on the SDmicro card abroad and as Auke said it is locked to the memory card. You cannot just copy the file to the main memory of the unit.
    This map is not locked and does not require any Unlock Wizard etc. When you insert the card the screen will still show your last position (will not go to Thai map position).
    To check if the unit recognize the map: tools(settings)/system/map/info or about. The map info should be displayed there. Hope it helps :D
  18. The map will not work with a UK NUVI as there is no thai language or Thai fonts in the machine ,The Nuvi sees a map in the SD card but thats it.
  19. That should have nothing to do with it. My Zumo and 76csx are both from the U.S.A., and the Thai map works fine. The maps are an image file and there is nothing that needs translation.
  20. My Nuvi 200W was bought in the US and has the ability of Thai language. You can check if your Nuvi can display/speak Thai languane by connecting the Nuvi to a PC or laptop. The Nuvi will automatically switch to being a USB device. You should see 2 drives - 1 called Garmin which is the internal memory of the Nuvi and the second called "Removable disk".

    Open the Garmin folder and look for the folders "Text" and "Voice" and look for the files "thai_.sum" and "Thai_.vpm" in the "Voice" folder and "Thai.gtt" in the "Text" folder. If these are there than you Nuvi will display and speak Thai language.

    There may be another problem though but that depends on the map. There are 2 versions of the map - English and Thai. If you have the English version of the map you will not see city and street names, etc. in Thai but only in English.

    However, all the other commands on the Nuvi as well as the spoken instructions like "Turn left in x meters, etc." can be in Thai language but you will have to select this in the Nuvi by selecting the Wrench symbol, then Settings/Language where you can select the Voice, Text and Keyboard language.
  21. That should have nothing to do with it. My Zumo and 76csx are both from the U.S.A., and the Thai map works fine. The maps are an image file and there is nothing that needs translation.
    There is no trouble to use the Thai Map on your UK nuvi. The map is in English. There is no Thai version (Thai Language) available in the market.
    What do you mean by saying "...The Nuvi sees a map in the SD card..."? How did you check it?
  22. As dear Auke said, these files are necessary to display the Menu in Thai or hear the Thai voice prompts.
    Still, the map is a file which does not require any extras to be displayed on any Garmin device compatible with SDmicro memory cards.

    EDITED to add the screen shot :)
    It's maybe silly but don't forget to tick the map. Also when you brose the map on your nuvi, zoom very much in on Thailand.

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  23. I ordered a Thai map as my wife will use the Nuvi ,

    I attached the Nuvi to the pc as detailed and there is no Thai language or fonts in the .sum.txt folders

    the Nuvi detects a map in the SD drive but says it cannot open as language and fonts not supported.It has japanese,arabic ,russian and all European languages

    my wife is now pissed off with me ! It works fine in UK..... hurumph.
  24. Monsterman,

    I have send you a pm


  25. Monsterman,

    What you can also try to do is to connect to the Garmin site and update the firmware of the Nuvi 200W as follows:

    To download WebUpdater:

    1. Go to ... nstall.jsp
    2. Follow the on screen instructions.

    To load additional voices:

    1. Click Next after the software has updated
    2. Select the voices you need
    3. Click Next
    4. Click Finish

    This may work but sometimes it just does not seem to help but at least it is worth a try.

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