My Yamaha SR animation

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  1. bah...80 views and not one reply...
    rather disappointing I must say
  2. I brought a Brand New XT 500 in 1978. Possibly the Best Bike I have ever Owned! a few Years later I brought a New XT 550 which was pretty Crappy by comparison then later on again I brought a New XT 600 which was pretty Good! If I could get a Mint Condition XT 500 I would definitely be interested but sorry I have never been that keen on the SR versions but I must say there are a lot of Nice versions of them riding around here in Chiang Mai!
    As for Your Animation, Very Impressive I must say and if You weren't Paying close attention it could easily be mistaken for the Real thing not a Model! Well Done I must say!
  3. it is really cool and awesome great job go ahead

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